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Send to Amazon: Choose inventory to send

This page provides information about the first step to create a shipment with Send to Amazon, Choose inventory to send, including how to set up your workflow, add inventory that you want to send to multiple fulfilment centres, and select prep and label owners.

Shipment Summary

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To choose inventory to send, please follow these steps:

  1. Select your Ship from address. This is the address from which you will send your inventory. By default, this will show the last address from which you shipped.
  2. Select the Store destination. India would be selected by default for your Amazon India Seller Central account.
  3. Next, choose an SKU that you would like to send/replenish by clicking the All FBA SKUs tab. You can search by entering the item title, SKU, ASIN, FNSKU or EAN.
  4. Once you have chosen an SKU, you can review the recommended quantities to be sent to Fulfilment Centre in the recommended quantity field and the same would be populated in quantity to send field. The suggested quantities are split among multiple Fulfilment Centres (FCs) that can be viewed in 'fulfilment centre destination (Quantities)' column.
    Note: If the recommended quantity is zero, then it indicates that the tool has no recommendations for that SKU.
  5. You may choose to edit the recommended quantities or add/remove Fulfilment Centres (FCs) by clicking View/modify. In the ‘View/modify’ tab, you can add Fulfilment Centres (FCs) by clicking Add another Fulfilment Centre (FC).
  6. The 'Quantity to send' field will be updated on every change made inside 'View/modify' dialogue box.
    1. Then you may enter the ‘Declared value’ for your ASINs by clicking Update. Declared value will be used in generating your delivery challan in case you have chosen 'FBA pick-up service by ATS' as your carrier choice.
    2. Once you click Update, you will be required to enter the tax rate, HSN code and declared value.
    3. Click Ready to send to add it to your shipping plan.
    Note: The recommended quantities for shipment to Fulfilment Centres (FCs) may help you to keep your inventory available for delivery to customers across the country (leading to comparatively faster delivery time). However, these are only recommendations and you can choose to send any quantities that you may deem fit.
  7. After adding all the inventory that you would like to send to Fulfilment Centres (FCs), click SKUs ready to send tab.
  8. Select the prepping owner for shipment by clicking Prep by and choosing either ‘Amazon’ or ‘Seller’. By default, the prep type would be selected as per previous shipping history. If a prep type has not been chosen, then you can click the ‘Choose prep’ and select the appropriate option. For more information on preparing products for shipment to Amazon, please go to Prepare products to be shipped with Amazon.
  9. Then select the labelling owner for shipment by clicking Labelling by and choosing either ‘Amazon’ or ‘Seller’. Labelling is needed only for the units that use an Amazon barcode to track inventory. For more information on labelling for shipment to Amazon, please go to Use an Amazon barcode to track inventory.
    • If you have chosen ‘Amazon’ for prep or labelling, then you would be charged as per the FBA Prep Service fees.
    • If you are labelling the inventory yourself, then you can click the Get unit labels for each listing, or Download all SKU labels for all selected listings.
  10. After verifying the prep and labelling fees (if applicable), click Confirm and continue.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the “All FBA SKUs” and “SKUs ready to send” tabs?

All FBA SKUs displays all of your SKUs that have been converted to Fulfilled by Amazon on your Seller Central account. SKUs ready to send lets you review just the SKUs that you have selected to send to a fulfilment centre.

What is "Ship from"?

This is the address from which your inventory is shipped. By default, this will show the last address that you shipped from. You can change this address until you confirm shipping in step 2 of the workflow.

Important: requires an accurate ship-from address to ensure accuracy of shipping charges.

Why do I have to enter the ‘Declared value’?

Amazon uses declared value for generating delivery challan and e-way bill (if goods value is over INR 50,000) in case you choose ‘FBA pick-up service by ATS’ as your carrier of choice. The declared value will also be used as a transfer price on invoices during transfer of goods between two Fulfilment Centres (FCs) by Amazon.

Do I need to update the declared value if I do not use FBA pick-up service?

Yes, it is mandatory to update declared value even if you are not using FBA pick-up service. The declared value that you update will be used as a transfer price on invoices during IXD/transfer of goods between two Fulfilment Centres (FCs) by Amazon.

Can I add/remove SKUs or update quantity once I have clicked ‘confirm and continue’?

Yes, you can add/remove SKUs or update quantity until you click Accept charges and continue under step 2: Confirm shipping. Please note that each change that you make in Step 1 will update Step 2, leading to entering the required information once again.

Once you are in ‘Step 3: Print box labels’, you can only decrease the quantities mentioned on your SKUs by clicking View or edit contents under shipment contents tab. In case you would like to increase a quantity, you would need to create a new shipment.

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