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Recommerce By Amazon

Introduction to Recommerce By Amazon

We are excited to launch Recommerce By Amazon for all FBA sellers. Recommerce By Amazon is a set of programs through which you will be able to effectively manage and resell your unsellable inventory. It further includes multiple sub-programs such as Automated Relisting and Automated Bulk Reselling.


1. Automated Relisting Program

Automated Relisting Program helps you to relist your customer returns. Your customer returns will be graded into Grade A (like new) and Non-Grade A units at Fulfillment Centers (FCs). Grade A inventory will be relisted on as renewed ASIN, seller will decide the price of the renewed ASIN e.g. 85% of ASP. Units which do not meet Like New condition will be considered as Non-Grade A. They will be marked as unsellable and will be available for removals on your seller central account. You will continue to enjoy same FBA experience as a FBA seller for relisted units as well.

a. Eligibilty Criteria for Automated Relisting

To be part of this program, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You need to be an FBA registered seller.
  • You need to deal in any of the following products: Since Automated Relisting is limited to specific subcategories as of now, you need to deal in those specific subcategories. Please refer to the below mentioned list of eligible subcategories.
    Sub Category Code Sub Category Description GL
    10700255 255 Bluetooth Headsets Wireless
    10700256 256 Corded Headsets Wireless
    10700257 Speakers Wireless
    10700905 905 Cellular Phones Wireless
    10700907 907 Smartphones Wireless
    14700210 Laptops PC
    14700215 Laptops PC
    14700220 Laptops PC
    14700225 0225 Consumer notebooks other PC
    14700230 Laptops PC
    14700235 Laptops PC
    14700240 Laptops PC
    14700245 Laptops PC
    14700250 Laptops PC
    14700255 Laptops PC
    14700260 Laptops PC
    14700265 0265 Netbooks other PC
    14700270 Tablets PC
    14700275 Tablets PC
    14700280 Tablets PC
    14700285 0285 Tablet computers other PC
    14700290 Laptops PC
    14700298 Tablets PC
    14700299 Laptops PC
    14700536 Monitor PC
    14700605 0605 Original inkjet cartridges PC
    14700715 0715 External hard drives PC
    14700918 Speakers PC
    14700930 0930 Keying devices PC
    14700933 0933 Mice PC
    14700936 0936 Tablets PC
    14700943 0943 Headsets PC
    14700948 Smartwatches PC
    14701105 1105 USB flash drives PC
    14701110 1110 Memory cards PC
    22903277 3277 Scientific Calculators Office Products
    2300255 0255 Bluetooth Headsets Wireless Accessory
    2300256 0256 Corded Headsets Wireless Accessory
    2300544 0544 Home Theater Projectors Electronics
    2300625 0625 Home Theater in a Box Electronics
    2300645 0645 Component - Speaker Electronics
    2300810 Point Shoot cameras Electronics
    2300812 DSLR Electronics
    2305425 5425 Speakers Electronics
    2305445 Headphones Electronics
    26702200 2200 Portable Keyboards Musical Instruments
    26704200 4200 Microphones Musical Instruments
    35300255 255 Bluetooth Headsets Wireless Accessory
    35300256 256 Corded Headsets Wireless Accessory
    50400410 Home Projectors Home Entertainment
    14701005 1005 Modems & networking devices Electronics
    2300880 0880 Accessories Electronics
    6082010 82010 Power Tools Home Improvement
    7905001 5001 Blenders Kitchen
    7905009 5009 Electric Tea Pots and Water Boilers Kitchen
    7905011 5011 Flat Grills Kitchen
    7905012 5012 Food Processors Kitchen
    7905017 5017 Juicers Kitchen
    7905019 5019 Rice Cookers Tools
    7905023 5023 Toaster Ovens Kitchen
    7905024 5024 Toasters Kitchen
    7905063 5063 Mixer Grinder Juicers Kitchen
    7908003 8003 Fans Kitchen
    7908028 8028 Water Purifiers and Accessories Kitchen
    7908111 8111 Irons Kitchen
    2300807 0807 Still Cameras Electronics
    2300257 0257 Bluetooth Speakerphones Electronics
    2300515 0515 DVD Players Electronics
    2300620 0620 Radios Electronics
    2300635 0635 Component - Receiver Electronics
    2300640 0640 Misc Audio Components Electronics
    2300690 0690 Home Audio Other Electronics
    2300815 0815 Video Electronics
    2300820 0820 Security & Surveillance Electronics
    2300871 0871 Camcorder Accessories Electronics
    2300890 0890 Camera Other Electronics
    2301001 1001 MP3 Players Electronics
    2301035 1035 Boomboxes Electronics
    2301310 1310 Car Stereo Electronics
    2301315 1315 Car Speakers and Subwoofers Electronics
    2301316 1316 Car Amplifiers Electronics
    2301325 1325 Car Video Electronics
    2301370 1370 Car Audio and Video Accessories Electronics
    2301380 1380 GPS Accessories Electronics
    2302013 2013 Small Electronics Electronics
    2305440 5440 Atennas & Remote Controls Electronics
    2305455 5455 Clock Radios Electronics
    6080030 80030 Dimmers & Lighting Controls Home Improvement
    6080120 80120 Security and Intrusion Monitoring Home Improvement
    6304215 4215 Memory Video Games
    6304305 4305 Controllers Video Games
    6304330 4330 Headsets Video Games
    6304730 4730 Headsets Video Games
    6307705 7705 Console Video Games
    6308705 8705 Console Video Games
    6308805 8805 Console Video Games
    7905002 5002 Bread Machines Kitchen
    7905004 5004 Coffee Machines Kitchen
    7905005 5005 Contact Grills Kitchen
    7905007 5007 Deep Fryers Kitchen
    7905010 5010 Espresso Machines Kitchen
    7905015 5015 Hand Mixers Kitchen
    7905018 5018 Microwave Ovens Kitchen
    7905021 5021 Specialty Electrics Kitchen
    7905025 5025 Waffle Irons Kitchen
    7905508 5508 Colanders & Strainers Kitchen
    7905514 5514 Juicers Kitchen
    7905529 5529 Specialty Tools Kitchen
    7908029 8029 Voltage Stabilizers Kitchen
    14700105 0105 Desktops Intel PC
    14700555 0555 Business inkjet printers PC
    14700575 0575 Computing Peripherals: Other Electronics
    14700650 0650 Computing Consumables: Other PC
    14700928 0928 Hard Disk Sleeve PC
    14700939 0939 PC gaming accessories PC
    14700945 0945 Video surveillance PC
    14700960 0960 Computing Accessories: Other PC
    14701030 1030 I/O controllers PC
    14701045 1045 CPU other PC
    14701050 1050 Power supplies PC
    14701065 1065 Motherboards other PC
    14701075 1075 Cooling devices PC
    14701090 1090 Computing Components & Networking: Other Electronics
    20109052 9052 Hardware Home
    20109054 9054 Power & Hand Tools Home
    20109055 9055 Safety & Securtiy Home
    22903158 3158 Laminating Systems Office Products
    24100204 204 SmartWatches Watches
    26301050 1050 Lighting & Electrical Automotive
    26500104 Split Air Conditioners (1 to 2 T) Major Appliances
    26501031 Direct Cool One-Door Refrigerators Major Appliances
    26502030 Fully-Automatic Front Load Washing Machines Major Appliances
    26503065 Small & Mini Ovens Major Appliances
    26504005 Standard Dishwashers Major Appliances
    26701200 1200 Electric Guitars Electronics
    26702500 2500 Electric Pianos Musical Instruments
    26703300 3300 Digital Drums Musical Instruments
    26704100 4100 Sound Reinforcement Musical Instruments
    26704300 4300 Computer Music Musical Instruments
    26704400 4400 Multitrack Recording Electronics
    26705100 5100 DJ Equipment Musical Instruments
    26705300 5300 Karaoke Musical Instruments
    26707100 7100 Amplifiers Musical Instruments
    26707200 7200 Effects Musical Instruments
    26707700 7700 Keyboards and Pianos Accessories Musical Instruments
    35300257 257 Bluetooth Speakerphones Wireless Accessory
    50400130 0130 LED Tvs Home Entertainment
    50400210 0210 Streaming Media Players Home Entertainment
    50400320 0320 DVD Players Home Entertainment
    50400340 0340 Blu-Ray Players Home Entertainment
    7908004 8004 Coolers Kitchen
    20019104 19104 Treadmills Sports
    26503095 Hoods & Chimneys Major Appliances
    7905101 5101 Small Appliances Kitchen
    7908026 8026 Water Heaters Kitchen
    7908010 8010 Air Purifiers Kitchen
    7908005 8005 Heaters Kitchen
    7908107 8107 Handheld Vacuums Kitchen
    7908103 8103 Canister Vacuums Kitchen
    7908204 8204 Embroidery Machines
    14700545 0545 Consumer inkjet printers Electronics
    14700550 0550 Consumer laser printers PC
    26502025 Fully-Automatic Top Load Washing Machines Major Appliances
    26501046 Frost-Free Multi-Door Refrigerators (< 300 L) Major Appliances
    26501047 Frost-Free Multi-Door Refrigerators (> or = 300 L) Major Appliances
    26501060 Frost-Free Side by Side Refrigerators Major Appliances
    26502021 Semi-Automatic Washing Machines Major Appliances
  • You need to be registered for and using any of the following fulfilment centres:
    • BLR7
    • BLR5
    • BOM3
    • BOM5
    • BOM7
    • HYD8
    • DEL4
    • AMD2
    • CCU1
  • You need to agree to and follow the terms and conditions for the Automated Relisting Program available in this link.
  • You will have to provide minimum 6 months of seller warranty on all of your products.
    • If brand is supporting warranty for your products, you need to share a proof (email or letter from Brand) confirming that they will honour warranty on your products sold by you. Residual warranty will not be considered as Brand warranty unless the Brand confirms the same.
    • If you are partnered with third party warranty provider, you need to provide a tie proof.

The program is currently enabled for certain categories and FCs, we plan to expand the program to more categories and FCs soon. We will keep you updated about the new launches via emails and Seller Central notifications.

If you meet the eligibility criteria described above and are interested to participate in and launch yourself in this program, please fill in below mentioned link for subscription with the relevant details or reach us on or you can reach out to the Amazon Selling Partner Support Team.

Click here for the subscription link for Automated Relisting Program.

2. Automated Bulk Reselling Program

Automated Bulk Reselling helps you in reselling your unsellable and unfulfillable inventory on Amazon under 'Recommerce by Amazon', in bulk at a fixed price. You can choose your categories from the rate card to re-sell in bulk.

Click here to download annual rate card for Automated Bulk Reselling Program. Please note the rates mentioned are inclusive of applicable taxes.

a. Eligibilty Criteria for Automated Bulk Reselling

Automated Bulk Reselling is available to all FBA sellers across all categories for below mentioned Fulfillment Centers.

Maharashtra Haryana Karnataka Gujarat Tamil Nadu Telangana West Bengal





How to subscribe for Recommerce By Amazon (RBA)?

Automated Relisting

Step 1 - Download the eligibility card and view the FCs that are eligible for relisting of products & subcategories. Click here to download the card.

Step 2 - Choose the code for subcategory you want to relist from the eligibility card and decide the pricing for your products (For example, for listing Toasters choose 7905024 from the card).

Step 3 - Click Relisting Subscription link below and enter the subcategory code with your listing price (For example, enter 7905024_85% for listing ASIN under Toasters at 85% of ASP).

Click here for the subscription link.

Automated Bulk Reselling

Step 1 - Download the fixed rate card and view the offer rates for your products. Click here to download the rate card.

Step 2 - Choose category you want to sell in bulk at mentioned offer rates (For example, gl_wireless).

Step 3 - In the Reselling Subscription link, select the categories for Automated Bulk Reselling (For example, select gl_wireless for enabling wireless).

Click here for the subscription link.

Note: If you are interested in availing both the services, kindly fill in both of the forms.

Benefits of Recommerce By Amazon:

  1. This program helps you recover better value for your customer returns, unsellable or unfulfillable inventory.
  2. Minimum hassles about removals and selling your inventory through other alternate channels.
  3. Bulk order from buying partners enables bulk inventory movement and space available in FCs for sellers.

Frequently asked questions

Am I eligible for Recommerce By Amazon?

RBA is designed to help you ease your day to day operations of managing customer return, unsellable or unfulfillable inventory. It helps you recover value for slow moving categories, get free cash flow, save storage fees and create space. RBA currently provides two services you can choose from, namely Automated Relisting Service and Automated Bulk Reselling Service. To know whether you are eligible for it, please check the eligibility criteria mentioned above for both the sub programs.

How much does it cost to register for RBA?

Registering for RBA is free for promotional period up to December 31, 2021 and no fee is payable if you register during this promotional period. In RBA, you may subscribe to either relist your inventory and/or sell it in bulk on Amazon.

How long does it take to launch on RBA?

Generally, you can launch on RBA within 48 hours post applying via subscription link, provided you meet the eligibility criteria and the information you submit is accurate and is confirmed by us.

How does the Automated Relisting Program work?

Once you opt for Automated Relisting Program, all the Grade A inventory will become eligible for relisting on Amazon. These units will be relisted at the Value Recovery Rate (VRR) mentioned by you at the time of signing up for the program. You can change the listed price of your product through the Manage Pricing tab on Seller Central. Once a customer places the order for any of the relisted products, we will fulfil the orders in the same way we fulfil for new products.

How will I price the products for relisting?

At the time of signing the Automated Relisting terms and conditions, you will have to provide the Value Recovery Rate (VRR) in a format specified in the agreement. VRR is the rate at which your product will be relisted for sale on Amazon.

VRR value is calculated as (VRR/100)*(Lowest price for the graded product offered in new condition by the seller on the marketplace).

What is the grading process and how the products are classified into different grades?

You can refer to this link to view the grading process, grade definitions, and colour codes for identifying the grade of a unit.

What is the reimbursements policy for Automated Relisting?

You can refer to this link to go through reimbursements policies.

What is the return policy for products relisted through Automated Relisted?

Return policy for products relisted through Automated Relisting will be same as the new product. Refer to this link for return policy.

How does the Automated Bulk Reselling Program work?

Once you opt in for Automated Bulk Reselling Program, all your unfulfillable inventory will be eligible for this program. The rates of the inventory will be calculated referring to the annual rate card. Click here for the rate card.

Does subscribing to Automated Bulk Reselling effect my seller reimbursements for unfulfillable/unsellable Inventory?

No, subscribing to Automated Bulk Reselling does not affect your seller reimbursements for unfulfillable and unsellable inventory. RBA provides recovery over and above your seller reimbursement for the promotional period up to December 31, 2020.

What is the payment cycle for Automated Bulk Reselling?

In Automated Bulk Reselling, the payments are made upfront as pre-payment before creating orders.

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