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Custom Reports

The Custom Reports section provides business reports in Comma-Separated Values (CSV) format which can be viewed using Microsoft Excel. Reports published under this section are accessible through the Custom Reports widget on Seller Central homepage. You can download only selected reports through this section.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access reports published under the Custom Reports section?

Reports published under this section are accessible through the Custom Reports widget on Seller Central homepage (highlighted in red below).

Clicking the widget takes you to a new page, which contains the list of all published reports. Following is a snapshot of the Custom Reports page:

Clicking the Report Download button downloads the report in CSV/Excel format. You can also click on the report name to view the Report Recommendation page, which may have customised recommendations. These include comments from Amazon to improve your business/matrices. You can also download the report from this page by clicking the Report Download button:

What are the common terms used in this section?

Custom Reports Widget:

  • Active Reports: These are new reports published under the Custom Reports section whose archive dates have not passed. These reports are available on the Active Report page.
  • Archived Reports: To improve accessibility and to avoid confusion, we auto-archive old reports. The auto-archive time varies from one day to 365 days depending upon the report type. The reports are archived for 45 days after which they are automatically deleted.

Custom Reports Page:

  • Name: Specifies the report name given by Amazon for quick identification of the content.
  • Segment: Specifies the group, such as inventory, order, reimbursement, etc., to which a report belongs.
  • Dates From & To: Specifies the start and end dates of the data/metrics published in the reports. The report cycles and generation frequency might not be fixed for all the reports.
  • Generated on: Specifies the date on which the given report was published.
  • Notes: Specifies one or two-line summary/description of the report content.

Is the Custom Reports widget available on mobile apps as well?

As of now, the mobile app does not support the Custom Reports widget.

Can I save/bookmark any reports on Seller Central for future reference?

No, you will not be able to save any reports on Seller Central. It is recommended that you download the reports to your computer for all future references.

Can I select an auto-archive or auto-delete period?

No. The auto-archive and auto-delete periods are set by Amazon and you cannot change this period.

Why do we have different auto-archive dates for different reports?

The auto-archive dates are set based on factors, such as frequency, usability and relevance of the reports. As these factors change by report, we have set different auto-archive dates.

Are the archived reports available for me to download anytime in future?

No, the archived reports are available for 45 days from the date of auto-archive. It is recommended that you download the reports within 45 days on your computer for all future references.

Why am I not seeing any recommendations for few reports?

Recommendations are customised and are published only for a few reports. So, you can view the recommendations only if they are published along with the reports.

What should I do if few numbers in reports are visible in scientific format?

The number is shown in scientific format because of your settings in Microsoft Excel. Double-click the cell to check the actual value.

Why do I see zero active and archive report on the Custom Reports widget?

This is because no reports are published for you at present. We will be sending customised reports soon.

Below reports are available and will be published at regular intervals. The reports can be accessed using

  1. Reimbursement for Lost and Damage Easy Ship orders
  2. Amazon Easy Ship Weight/Dimension Audit Report
  3. Lightning Deal Fee report
  4. Order Cancellation report
  5. Amazon Easy Ship Scheduling Issue Report

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