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FBA-FC Switcheroo/Materially Different Return Inventory Reimbursement Policy

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Use the self-service FBA Reimbursement tool to understand if your order is eligible for a reimbursement.

FBA-FC Switcheroo/Materially Different Return Inventory Reimbursement policy

This process is used to address the seller's concern related to receiving different unit in a particular removal order than what the seller had initially shipped out. In order to avail reimbursements for removal order Switcheroo, seller is expected to raise a claim within 30 days from day of delivery of shipment using the link .

Used Case Reason Process Clock Start Date Claim/Reimbursement window from clock start date


Seller Received Different Item Claim Based Day of delivery of shipment 30 days

Below is the information required for raising the claim request by the seller :

  • Removal Order ID
  • Tracking ID
  • Image of the unit received
  • Image of License Plate Number (LPN) label/FNSKU on the unit (mandatory for Unsellable removals from large fulfilment centres (FCs)/ Amazon Fulfilment Technologies (AFTs), such as HYD8, BLR5)
  • Image of LPN is not mandatory if the disposition of the unit in the removal order is Sellable

In addition, we may request and require a seller to provide CCTV recordings/Video Evidence to substantiate their claims.

The CCTV recordings/Video Evidence for a claim should cover the following steps for the claimed unit:

  • Overview of the box received and a view of all sides of the box
  • Unpacking process of the outer box
  • Unpacking contents inside the box
  • Opening each item inside the box and displaying the unit received inside.

All the steps should clearly show the product and package/shipping labels to identify the order and shipment details. In case the seller fails to provide the CCTV recordings/video evidence, the seller claims may be declined.

Switcheroo Reimbursement Reconciliation:

For the switcheroo reimbursement use case, please use the following tools and reports to help identify and resolve the discrepancy:

Reimbursement Report1: Use this report to find out if you have been reimbursed for this use case

1,:Please click here to go to the Amazon Fulfilled Reports . You will get the “Reimbursement Report” in this page

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