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String Lights

Due to customer safety concerns, smoke detectors and smoke alarms sold on Amazon India should be certified or tested as per the specific UL quality and performance standards as mentioned in the below table.

In order to sell e-mobility devices on Amazon, you must first apply and submit the following to

  1. Company name.
  2. Seller ID.
  3. Email Address.
  4. Phone number.
  5. A list of ASINs you are applying to sell.
  6. BIS CRS logo with Registration Number shall be displayed on the product Detail page.
  7. For each Products/ASIN, documents on BIS Compulsory Registration Scheme (CRS) Registration Number showing compliance with the standard listed in the table below:
    Product Certification requirement
    String lights BIS CRS as per IS 10322 (Part 5/Section 7): 2013 2013
Note: You certify that all materials that you submit are true, authentic, and accurate. Amazon may remove your selling privileges for failure to meet these requirements.

String Lights:

Lighting chains provided with fixed or detachable attachments e.g. ornamental or decorative, are considered. Lighting chains fitted with lamp holders of the push-in type are considered.

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