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What is No Cost EMI?

No Cost EMI promotion enables customers to purchase products at no additional charges by paying the product price equally divided over the repayment timeline. For example, if a customer purchases an INR 9,000 item for a three-month tenure, the customer will pay INR 3,000 every month for three months, amounting to a total of INR 9,000.

Who funds the No Cost EMI promotions? Can I choose the tenure as per my choice?

These promotions are 100% funded by participating sellers. As a seller you can choose the tenure you prefer as per your choice. For Example: A seller can choose only the “3 Month” tenure also or a seller can choose “3,6,9” also.

What is the amount which will be charged?

As a seller, you will bear the promotion cost, unless specified explicitly at the time of promotion creation. The promotion cost is dependent on the tenure and the bank chosen by the customer at the time of placing a No Cost EMI order. The following table captures the discount percentage as per the tenure and the bank:

EMI Provider 3 months 6 months 9 months 12months 18 months 24 months
Debit Card
HDFC (ASP>5K) 2.61% 3.70% 5.60% 7.20% 11.62% NA
Kotakd (ASP>8k) 2.45% 4.23% 6.35% 8.15% NA NA
ICICI (ASP>8K) 2.61% 4.50% 6.35% 8.15% NA NA
Axis (ASP>5K) 2.29% 3.96% 6.35% 8.15% NA NA
Credit Cards (ASP>3k)
Amex 2.29% 3.96% 5.59% 7.19% 10.27% 13.22%
Amazon Pay ICICI Credit card 2.13% 3.96% 5.59% 7.18% 10.95% 14.07%
HDFC 2.13% 3.68% 5.59% 7.19% 10.95% 14.07%
ICICI 2.13% 3.96% 5.59% 7.18% 10.95% 14.07%
Citi 2.13% 3.68% 5.97% 7.67% 10.95% 14.07%
Kotak 1.97% 3.41% 5.59% 7.19% 10.95% 14.07%
Standard Chartered 2.13% 3.68% 5.59% 7.19% 10.95% 14.07%
SBI 2.29% 3.96% 5.59% 7.19% 10.95% 14.07%
Axis 2.13% 3.68% 5.59% 7.19% 10.95% 14.07%
HSBC 2.00% 3.50% 5.40% 6.90% 9.90% 14.10%
RBL 2.10% 3.70% 5.20% 6.70% 9.60% 12.40%
Induslnd 2.10% 3.70% 5.20% 6.70% 10.90% 14.10%
Yes Bank 2.00% 3.40% 5.20% 6.70% 10.30% 14.10%
J&K bank 1.97% 3.41% 5.01% 6.45% 9.58% 12.79%
Bank of Baroda 2.13% 3.68% 5.21% 6.70% 10.95% 14.07%

*ASP = Average Selling Price

When will I get my payment for a No Cost EMI order?

You will get full payment of your order minus the discount for No Cost EMI promotion in the regular payment cycle for the order. In other words, you will receive your payment upfront as part of your regular payment cycle and will not be receiving any monthly EMI payments for your No Cost EMI order.

How can I offer No Cost EMI on my listings?

As an eligible seller, you are invited to opt-in for No Cost EMI promotion. After you opt-in for the recommended No Cost EMI promotion, Amazon configures the No Cost EMI promotion on your listings. Click here to see your No Cost EMI recommendations.

Alternatively, you can also mail us at to get your No Cost EMI promotion configured. Please provide details about ASINs and tenure for which you want to offer No Cost EMI promotion.

How is No Cost EMI applied on an order during purchase?

When customers buy products under the No Cost EMI promotion, the bank-interest charges on the product is provided as an upfront discount to them so that customers do not bear any additional charges. The discount amount equivalent to the bank-interest cost is then charged to you.

How can I track for No Cost EMI orders in my seller account?

The discount is charged at the time of payment to you for the order by Amazon. You can see the discount charged in the ‘COD payments’ section of your payments report. The discount charged is available under the Total promotional rebates header. You can get order-level details of the discounts charged in the transaction view of the payment reports.

Is tax charged on the discount?

Yes, tax is charged as per the applicable GST rate on the discounts offered (equal to the bank interest rate) by you. You will receive a tax invoice on your email for the No Cost EMI promotion that you have opted. In case you have not received the tax invoices, you can reach out to Seller Support.

What happens if a No Cost EMI order is returned?

If a No Cost EMI order is returned, the discount amount and tax amount charged to you will be refunded entirely. Other processes related to return will be same as per Amazon policies.

How do I discontinue a No Cost EMI promotion?

In case you want to disable the No Cost EMI promotion, contact Seller Support. Please note that it may take up to two business days for the promotion to be disabled.

I can see No Cost EMI offer on my ASINs but I’ve not funded it, how is it live?

No Cost EMI offers can also be funded by banks or brands. You will not be charged any discount in case the offers on your ASINs are funded by the banks or brands.

What payment methods can a customer use to get a No Cost EMI?

No Cost EMI is available on credit cards from all major banks (Axis, ICICI, HDFC, Citi Bank, SBI, IndusInd, Yes Bank, Kotak, RBL, HSBC, Standard Chartered). They are also available on select debit cards as mentioned in the table above.

What is Amazon’s treatment of promotions recovered from GST perspective?

In terms of arrangement, Amazon is treating this as recovery on account of promotion and charging GST at 18%. The GST charged is available as credit in your hands for set off against any output-tax liability (you should independently assess the eligibility).

Amazon, for this purpose, issues a GST-compliant invoice after the completion of promotion. If you have not received the invoice, contact Seller Support.

Where can the buyers see my offer?

  • The No Cost EMI offer features on an exclusive page created for No Cost EMI offers.
  • The No Cost EMI offer also features on the listing page of the ASIN, if you are winning the buybox.

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