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Image Guidelines for Lingerie, Sleep and swimwear

Intimates on amazon is defined as consisting of below categories. This imaging guidebook covers all below listed categories.

Intimates Product Types
Bras Bras
Sports Bras
Panties Bikinis
String Bikini, Thongs, Tangas
Shapewear Shapewear Tops
Shapewear Bottoms
Waist Shapers
Shaping Bodysuits
Babydolls Babydolls & Short Chemises
Camisoles & Vests Camisoles
Lingerie Sets Lingerie Sets
Pantyhose & Stockings Pantyhose & Stockings
Lingerie Solutions

Stick on Bras, Bra extenders, convertors, Straps, Pasties, Lingerie

wash Bags

Thermals Thermal Tops
Thermal Bottoms
Thermal Sets
Nightwear & Loungewear Sleep Robes
Pyjama Sets
Sleepwear Tops
Maternity Lingerie Nursing Bras

Maternity Panties & Disposable


Belly Bands
Maternity Nightwear & Loungewear Nursing Nightdresses
Nursing Loungewear
Nursing Tops
Swimwear Bikinis
Swimsuits, Tankinis
Swim Tops & Bottoms
Beach Coverups, Kaftans & Sarongs

Refer to the image guidelines Help page for different categories in Clothing.

How to use this guide book

All of the above mentioned intimate apparel product types are covered in the guideline with acceptable and non- acceptable imagery and specific product guidelines if any.

Imaging Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Product images are displayed on the search page and the product detail page. A professional image helps customersdiscover your product and can drive traffic to your product listings. Show customers what they will receive in their shipment (and only what they will receive). Make it easy for them to identify your product with a clear, high-quality image displaying exactly what you're offering.
  • The product should occupy 90% of the image area, and the background must be 100%white.
  • Images must be with a resolution of 1000 DPI to allow the zoom function to beenabled.
  • Each product must compulsorily have 2 images - a main, back in respective order complying with the above standards – with extra optional detail shots if required to highlight productfeatures.
  • The model must be facing the camera standing with arms on the side or waiststrictly.
  • Includeonly what the customer will receive; no accessories like sunglasses, extra jewelry, belts, scarves, flowers – unless they are accompanied with the product.
  • For multipacks, MAIN image to have model image of all designs, followed by front, back, additional detail shot image for each product in thepack.
  • Detailshots where applicable need to be separately shot and should NOT be cropped versions of the main or back shots.
  • Imagesof intimate apparel, lingerie, and swimwear products should not be sexually explicit or obscene, as determined by Amazon. In addition, images of such products must comply with the following rules:
  • Imagesof live models that use poses that could be interpreted as indecent, excessively erotic, or lewd are not permitted.
  • Imagesthat display full nudity (breasts, genitalia, bare bottoms and so on) are not permitted. No bars or other types of graphics are permitted to cover exposed body parts.
  • Thongs and panties must use front views for the main product image. Side views can only be uploaded as alternate views. No Back viewsallowed.
  • Erotic wear products are not permitted on the platform. Defined as - a product that is notfunctional innerwear or nightwear including costumes.
  • Any product packaging shots are allowed to be captured as alternateimages.
  • Flat shots (without model) are NOT allowed. Model shoot ismandatory.
  • Mannequins are NOT allowed. Actual products must be shot onmodels.
  • The product image must strictly NOT contain any text orwatermarks.
  • Multi – model views are NOT allowed for pack of 1. Multi model is allowed ONLY for main image in case of pack of two ormore.
  • Celebrity images are NOT allowed unless you have a legal contract with the celebrity to use their images on an ecommerce market place
  • Onlythe original product must be imaged – Representative, catalog scan or photo-shopped images are strictly NOT allowed.
  • Mannequin images are NOT allowed This includes images where the mannequin outline is edited/ removed.

Below list of products is not allowed on the platform:

  • Open front bras and open crotchpanties
  • Adultcostumes
  • Bodystockings
  • Any other items which are not innerwear and have a possibility to be determined asnon-functional innerwear.

Examples as below:

Bras, Sports Bras & Bra Multipacks


  • For all bra images, the face should be cropped at the nose and body cropped atwaist.
  • The hands should be on sides and not touching the body orgarment.
  • For sheer bras imaging, use cutlets/ pad inserts/pasties.
  • Any product details should be captured in alternate image and not mainimage.

Pack of 1


Model touching the product or any other body parts like hair etc.


Bra, Sports Bras Pack of 2 or more:


Wrong Image (including images with mannequin or body color matched to background):

Bras with stylized backs:

Products with stylized backs are allowed as back shot as main image given the back shot is a differentiated back i.e. different back from regular back bra

Allowed as main image eg:

Products with regular back (as depicted in image below) are not allowed as main image:



For all underwear images, the image should be cropped at the waist and just below mid-thigh.

Pack of 1

For Thongs and sheer panties

  • If thong or sheer panties, shoot main view and showing just enough of the rear cheek to give an indication of the top rear fabric area, without shooting directly into the cleft of the model's rear.


Back shots NOT allowed for thongs, sheer panties.

Wrong Images

  • Mannequin images are not acceptable including shots where the mannequin outline has beenedited/removed.

Panty Pack of 2 or more:

The images should be cropped just above the waist and below mid thigh. Example below:

Lingerie Sets:


The image should be cropped at the nose and body cropped at the knee for lingerie sets as shown below:

Wrong Images:



Shapewear Tops: For all shapewear Tops images, the face should be cropped at the nose and body cropped at waist.

Shapewear Bottoms:


Images need to be cropped at the knee if it’s a thigh slimmer, mid-thigh for control panties and no cropping for shapewear leggings and saree shapewear.

Shaping Bodysuits:


The face should be cropped at the nose and body cropped at mid-thigh / knee depending on the product length

Shapewear - Waist Shapers:


The images need to be cropped till above waist and mid-thigh or knee depending on the product length.


The image should be cropped at the nose and body cropped at the knee for baby dolls as shown below

Examples wrong images:

Lingerie Accessories:

Images that display full nudity (breasts, nipples, genitals) are not permitted. Hands, bars, graphics, air-brushing, "pasties", are NOT considered acceptable coverage--Breasts, nipples and genitals must be covered with clothing. Only product shots – without model images are allowed.

Stick on Bras, Breast petals, pasties:

Only product shots – without model images – Example:

Wrong images:

Bra extenders:

Acceptable images

Camisoles, Vests and Camisole Sets:


Pack of 1:

The images need to be cropped till waist (to cover the productlength):

Camisole Sets:

Pantyhose, stockings:

For stockings images need to be cropped till mid thigh and for panty hose – just above the waist.


Tops, bottoms and sets – Examples:

Wrong images:


Sleepwear/Nightwear sets – Examples:

Wrong Images:

Nightdress and Nighty:

Chemise – Example:


Sleepwear Tops, Bottoms and Sets:

Wrong Images:

Maternity bras:


Maternity – Nursing Nightwear and Tops


The model image should be cropped above waist for tops and mid thigh for bottoms.

Example - Bikini Seperates (Swim Top / Swim Bottom):

Bikini Set:

The model image should be cropped at mid thigh for bottoms.

Wrong images:

Swimsuits and tankinis

The model images need to be cropped till mid thigh. Full body shots can be uploaded as alternateview

Beach Cover-Ups Kaftans and Sarongs

Model images need to be cropped till mid thigh for above knee products. Example:

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