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This article applies to selling in: India

E-invoice/E-waybill guidelines change starting January 1, 2021 for E-invoice eligible FBA sellers

Summary of changes for E-Invoicing Eligible sellers

Current Scenario New Scenario (effective 1st Jan)

Intra State goods movement (within State)

Amazon files E-Way Bills based on information provided by you No Change

Inter State goods movement (crossing state borders)

Amazon files E-Way Bills based on information provided by you You need to generate E-Waybill by using the E-Way Bill Generation API or through the e-invoicing portal

For interstate shipments, generate an E-invoice for every interstate inbound and use the Invoice Reference Number (IRN) generated from the E-invoice to generate Part A of the E-Waybill. Send these details to Amazon on to ensure that FBA Pickup service for your seller account is not disrupted. Detailed steps on how to do so are below:

How to Generate E-WayBill by IRN (Invoice Reference Number- 64 digit alphanumeric code)

Step 1: To generate IRN/E-invoice, use the JSON preparation form attached above (as is mandated by the government) and complete the E-Invoice Tab with relevant details. You need to fill the mandatory fields including Transporter ID of the origin state, Trans Name, Mode, Pin to PIN distance. The ATSPL Transporter IDs can be found below. Please also use the below links for specific fields.

Trans ID: Pick theTransporter ID for the origin state from below table


Mode: Leave it Blank

PIN to PIN distance: Use the link for distance (Please clear cookies or open browser in Private/Incognito mode if you get any errors)

Fill the mandatory details in E-invoice template and validate the date and further generate a JSON file (gets saved in your system)

Note: Use the sample invoice tab in same Excel file for reference.

Step 2: Login to the e-invoice portal (seller to use GST credentials)

A. Go to E-invoice > Bulk upload > Update the generated JSON file.

B. Download the generated Excel and copy the generated IRN.

C. Go to E-invoice > Print > Select IRN option > Paste IRN and generate the E-invoice copy.

D. Share the generated Excel/E-invoice copy (generated as part of B and C above) and shipment ID to Amazon on 24 hours prior to pick up.

E. Please keep the email subject line as IRN Eligible E-Way Bill for FBA Shipment ID <FBAXXXXX123>.

Based on the information shared (E-invoice copy/generated Excel) Amazon will update Part B of the E-way bill.

Starting January 1, 2021, if the above mandatory details are not shared by the stipulated time, your pickup may be cancelled and/or the shipment may get returned to you. Amazon reserves the right to suspend your FBA pickup service privileges if shipment is found to be non-compliant.

Note: There is no change for sellers who are not eligible for E-Invoicing.

Please visit the help link or send an email to for support.

Useful Links:

  1. E-Invoicing FAQ for B2B transactions
  2. E-invoice user manual
  3. Excel input sheet for E-invoicing: JSON Preparation Form A
  4. ATSPL Transporter IDs:

State Transporter ID
Andhra Pradesh 37AAKCA5016B1Z3
Arunachal Pradesh 12AAKCA5016B1ZF
Assam 18AAKCA5016B2Z2
Bihar 10AAKCA5016B3ZH
Chandigarh 04AAKCA5016B1ZC
Chattissgarh 22AAKCA5016B1ZE
Dadra Nagar Haweli 26AAKCA5016B1Z6
Delhi 07AAKCA5016B1Z6
Diu and Daman 25AAKCA5016B1Z8
Goa 30AAKCA5016B1ZH
Gujarat 24AAKCA5016B1ZA
Haryana 06AAKCA5016B1Z8
Himachal Pradesh 02AAKCA5016B1ZG
Jammu and Kashmir 01AAKCA5016B1ZI
Jharkhand 20AAKCA5016B1ZI
Karnataka 29AAKCA5016B1Z0
Kerala 32AAKCA5016B1ZD
Lakshadweep 31AAKCA5016B1ZF
Madhya Pradesh 23AAKCA5016B1ZC
Maharashtra 27AAKCA5016B1Z4
Manipur 14AAKCA5016B1ZB
Mizoram 15AAKCA5016B1Z9
Nagaland 13AAKCA5016B1ZD
Odisha 21AAKCA5016B1ZG
Pondicherry 34AAKCA5016B1Z9
Punjab 03AAKCA5016B1ZE
Rajasthan 08AAKCA5016B1Z4
Sikkim 11AAKCA5016B1ZH
Tamil Nadu 33AAKCA5016B1ZB
Telangana 36AAKCA5016B1Z5
Tripura 16AAKCA5016B1Z7
Uttar Pradesh 09AAKCA5016B1Z2
Uttarakhand 05AAKCA5016B1ZA
West Bengal 19AAKCA5016B1Z1
Andaman &Nicobar 35AAKCA5016B1Z7
Meghalaya 17AAKCA5016B1Z5
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