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Add new keywords

You can add new keywords to an existing campaign or ad group at any time.

Keywords can contain letters, numbers, or spaces, as well as some punctuation or special characters such as ampersand, backlash, or apostrophe. Other special characters such as question mark, slash, double quote are not permitted.

To add new keywords:

  1. Navigate to Campaign Manager.
  2. Click the campaign name.
  3. Click Keywords.
  4. Click Add keywords. You can choose from our list of recommended keywords, enter your own keywords, or use a combination of both.
  5. Add a keyword and select the match type.
    Note: Keywords aren't case-sensitive, so they'll match uppercase or lowercase letters in search terms. There is a maximum limit of 10 words per keyword and 80 characters.
  • The maximum number of keywords you can add to a manually targeted Sponsored Brands campaign or a single ad group for a Sponsored Products campaign is 1,000. This includes keywords in enabled or paused ad groups or campaigns. If you have added 1,000 keywords to single campaign, consider archiving low-performing keywords. Another option is to split the keywords among two or more ad groups.
  • For Sponsored Products campaigns, if you have added 1,000 keywords to a single ad group, consider creating a campaign with automatic targeting, or using a broad combination of keywords to display your ads.
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