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FBA Best Practices

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Following are best practices that will help you address your issues faster during festival seasons:

Shipment Creation

  • Make sure that the right FNSKU/Item/X00 labels are pasted on the products while packaging. Different coloured variants of the same product are treated as different SKUs. List/label your products accordingly.
  • Make sure that the right FBA shipment labels are pasted on the cartons of the products. Incorrect or no FBA labels on the cartons can lead to receiving delays of more than a week. For more detailed information on how to prepare and ship your products to an Amazon fulfilment centre, click here.
  • To prevent any refusal of freight at the fulfilment centre, follow the freight acceptance guidelines. Click here.
  • MRP label on the outermost package of each unit is mandatory. In case of any non-adherence to the requirement of the MRP label, units will be moved to unsellable and shipment-creation privileges might get suspended if defects are identified in minimum 10% of the units and at least three ASINs in the shipment. Refer to the Shipment Level Checklist to avoid defect-free shipments.

Appointment Request

  • Request an appointment only through the FAST tool in Seller Central. Click here for more information on FAST.
  • Do not send more cartons/different FBA shipment from what you have mentioned in the appointment request. This results in the refusal of the inbound shipment.
  • You must adhere to the appointment time. Delays of more than two hours in delivering the shipment results in refusal of the inbound shipment.
  • In case we encounter any issues with your shipment, our Seller Support team will reach out to you to gather additional information. Do respond to their queries to help us resolve these issues faster.

Space Constraints

  • Request you to create removal order for your unsellable units in order to maintain a healthy inventory level for your account.
  • Inventory limits for September have been relaxed on account of Diwali Season. However, note that the appointments could be rejected based on the actual space available at fulfilment centre during the time of the request.
  • Create separate shipments and inbound appointment requests for SMALL size (less than 9.6X8.8X6.9 inches), MEDIUM (greater than 9.6X8.8X6.9 inches and less than 14X12X10), LARGE (greater than 14X12X10 inches and less than 23X20X18) and EXTRA-LARGE items (greater than 23X20X18 inches). This ensures reduction in appointment rejections at the the fulfilment centres.

Missing from Inbound

  • Make sure that you send correct quantity to the fulfilment centre. We trust and rely on quantities that you mention in the shipping plan on Seller Central and as such any discrepancy between the quantity mentioned in shipping plan and quantity received at fulfilment centre leads to virtual and physical mismatch.
  • Make sure that your shipment labels are pasted clearly on the carton to avoid wearing-off of label while in-transit.
  • If your units are not received after 96 hours, then check if you have received a short shipment notification to your email with the subject – IN FBA: Shipment arrived at the fulfilment centre, less quantity received. To know more about how to avoid defects that lead to Missing from Inbound (MFI), click here.
  • Note that in the event you are not satisfied with the above information, you can reach out to Seller Support only after a period of 14 days from the date of shipment delivery. Select Missing –Please Research > Unexpected – Please Research in the dropdown as applicable

Inventory not live/available for sale

Stranded inventory refers to inventory present in Amazon fulfilmentcentres but does not have an active offer on Amazon. Therefore, not making your items available for sale on Inventory can become stranded for a variety of reasons. For example, if a listing has only been partially created (no price) or is missing altogether.

Follow the steps provided in the Seller Assistant tool to fix your stranded inventory.

Important Notifications/Updates

For other key operational issues/updates, continue to refer to the Headlines and Technical notifications pages in your Seller Central account.

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