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Out of Stock

Out of Stock: Out of Stock (OOS) % is the number of customer views where you were out of stock on a select set of ASINs from your catalogue as a percentage of total customer views on the same select set of ASINs.

The select set of ASINs here refers only to the ASINs in your catalog where you have won Buy Box >=30% & have sold more than 5 units in the last 15 days.

Click here to view this metric on the STEP dashboard.

To know more about the metrics, watch the following video in English and Hindi:

Example: If seller has customer views of 100 on Out of Stock products in last 15 days against total customer views of 1000 on all the listing in the same duration, then the out of stock rate is 10%(100/1000).

Number of customer views on which your product was OOS 100
Total number of customer views on your products 1000
Out Of Stock 10%

Why is high OOS rate bad for the seller?

High Out of Stock rate reduces chances of winning Buy Box on your products resulting in low sales. It adversely impacts customer experience as it is important to ensure that products you have listed on are in stock and is available to ship to the customers. If you are consistently OOS on your products, it reduces visibility of your offers to the customers, impacting sales.

Where can I see my out of stock offers in Seller Central?

You can see all your inactive listings in 'Manage your inventory' page. Go to Listing status and click Inactive (Refer image):

Tips to improve Out of Stock Rate: Below are some of the tips suggested by Amazon to improve Out Of Stock Rate :

  • You have the inventory but you have not updated the same in the seller central/ While updating the quantity on, always check your inventory.
  • You do not know the demand of your product and you are not sure how much quantity to update. To know the demand of your product, click here.
  • List your high demand products which has more customer views and maintain required inventory for these products to avoid out of stock.

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