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Infant food and infant milk substitute

"Infant food" means any food (by whatever name called) being marketed or otherwise represented as a complement to mother's milk to meet the growing nutritional needs of an infant after the age of six months up to the age of two years.

"Infant milk substitute" means any food being marketed or otherwise represented as a partial or total replacement for mother's milk, for infants up to the age of two years

As per FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India), no person shall manufacture, sell, store, or exhibit for sale an infant milk food, infant formula, and milk cereal-based weaning food, processed cereal-based weaning food, and follow-up formula except under the Bureau of Indian Standards Certification Mark.


As per Amazon policy, infant food sold on Amazon should meet the specified certification standards. In order to sell these products on Amazon, you must apply and submit the following by email to:

  • Your company name
  • Your seller ID
  • Your contact information (email address and phone number)
  • A list of ASINs that you are applying to sell
  • Name of the manufacturer of each ASIN
  • A copy of the FSSAI licence of the manufacturer of each ASIN (in case copy of manufacturer’s FSSAI licence is not available, you can provide the 14-digit FSSAI number of the manufacturer or snapshot from the FSSAI website), which:
    • Must be valid for more than 30 days
    • Must be in the name of the manufacturer of the product
    • Must contain "Manufacturer" as kind of business
    • Must contain "Product Name" in Product Category Scope
  • In case of Imported Food Products, Please share a copy of Importer FSSAI licence, which shall be valid and in the name of the importer of the product.
  • A copy of a valid BIS Registration with CML number issued in the name of manufacturer of each ASIN, as applicable from table below:
    Type ISI Certificate Requirement
    Follow–up formula complimentary foods IS 15757 : 2007
    Processed cereal-based complimentary foods IS 11536:2007
    Milk cereal-based weaning foods IS 1656:2007
    Infant milk substitutes IS 14433
  • Copy of all side images of the ASIN.
    • Images for each ASIN must have an ISI mark on the product. The images on the detail page must also display the ISI mark with CML number.
    • Images shall contain either FSSAI licence number of the manufacturer or importer of the product.
    • All side packaging images must be displayed on the detail pages as outlined on Imaging Guideline for Food ASINs.
    • Product packaging must comply with the labelling of infant milk substitute and infant food requirements specified in FSSAI Labelling Regulations.

Note: You must have a valid FSSAI licence in your name or your company name and must contain "Product Category" required to sell infant food.Your valid FSSAI licence number must be displayed on as per the Food & Beverage guidelines.

By applying to sell these products, you certify that all materials you submit in conjunction with your application are true, authentic, and accurate. Note that Amazon may remove your selling privileges for failing to meet these requirements.

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