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Guidelines for using sticky labels

In this page, you will learn about the requirements for packaging and using sticky labels for packages to be shipped using Amazon Easy Ship.

The following are the mandatory requirements for packages to be shipped with Amazon Logistics (AMZL).

Labelling Guidelines for Easy Ship orders

  • You should use sticky paper to print the labels.
  • Label size should be 4x6 inches – you can print 4 labels on one A4 sheet.
  • The label print must be clear and readable, the bar code and QR code should be scannable and the To/From address must be visible.
  • Do not fold the shipping label along any edge as the information on the bottom of the label is required at various points during transit.
  • Label should be securely pasted on a flat surface and invoice should be put inside the package.
  • Affix shipping label on the visible side of the package and put the invoice inside the package.
    Note: Do not put the label in the document pouch of the outer package.
  • Use good quality sticky paper to print the labels. Do not make any markings on the shipping label.
  • Non-adherence to these guidelines can lead to the following:
    1. From June 30, 2019, pickup associates will not pick the packages if sticky labels are not used.
    2. Orders getting cancelled or delayed.
    3. Easy Ship services getting disabled on your account.

FAQ: Using sticky labels for your Amazon Easy Ship orders

What is the new policy?

From June 30, 2019, you will be required to print labels for your Easy Ship orders on sticky paper. The labels should be stuck on the package on a flat surface and the invoice should be put inside the package. You should not cover the label with transparent tape or film. Labels and invoices should not be put in document pouch of polybags.

What is a sticky label?

A sticky label sheet comes in A4 size each with four pre-cut labels. The sheet comes with self-adhesive. You can peel and paste it on your package. You can print 2 labels and 2 invoices on one sheet so you do not need to use four separate sheets. Label and invoice for one order will be printed adjacent to each other allowing you to process two orders in one sheet itself.

What is the purpose of using sticky labels?

Using document pouches for inserting labels is not a secure way of shipping your orders. The invoice and label may slip out leading to loss of packages. Further, if the label is folded or covered, it becomes difficult to scan the barcode of your package leading to delays and losses. This is a poor experience for the buyer which in turn affects your sales. Sticky labels of good quality remain intact throughout the transportation ensuring that the order is delivered in a timely manner. Sticky labels also help you save time in processing orders as you do not need to spend time in cutting A4 sheets or use tapes and adhesives to stick the label.

What size of labels should be used?

The labels should be 4 X 6 inches in size, which is equivalent to one-fourth of an A4 sheet or A6 size.

Where can I get sticky labels?

You can buy sticky labels from Amazon recommended vendors Safe Seal and Success Technologies or from your local vendor. These may also be available in your local stationery shop. However, before buying please ensure that the gum is strong so that the label does not come off easily.

Can I use my printer for printing on sticky sheets?

Yes, sticky labels can be printed using a regular inkjet or laser printer. Refer Q7 for printer settings.

How to print labels in 4X6 size?

If you are printing invoice and label only for one order, the pdf generated will already have the label in the correct size. You should print it on a sticky paper and paste the label on the package. Put the invoice inside the package.

If you have bulk scheduled your orders and need to print many labels and invoices –

  1. If you are using zebra/thermal printer – no change required
  2. If you are using inkjet/laser printer – go to printer settings and select print 4 on one page. You can select “print only odd pages” to print labels on sticky paper and “print only even pages” to print only invoices on regular A4 paper (refer screenshots below)

    Resize label and invoice:

    Print only label or only invoice (odd/even printing):

I get only a few orders. Should I still use sticky labels?

Yes, sticky labels are mandatory for all sellers. In case you do not wish to buy the labels in bulk, you can buy from your local vendor or stationery shop. Please ensure that the gum quality is good so that the label does not come off.

What will happen if I do not use sticky labels?

From June 30, 2019, our associates will check the package at the time of pickup and your package might be rejected if the labelling guidelines are not adhered to.

Sticky labels are costly. Why should I use them?

Sticky labels will reduce your order processing and packing time, prevent your package from getting lost and prevent delays in transit. Each of these issues create a poor buyer experience which impacts your ratings and performance metrics. Using sticky labels will improve efficiency throughout the system. You may procure sticky labels through your local vendor or stationery store in quantity that is feasible for you. Please ensure that the labels have good gum quality to prevent labels from peeling off in transit.

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