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Local Shops - Amazon Delivery App


The Amazon Delivery App is a mobile application that can be used by your delivery associate while delivering the packages to the customers. This application is compatible with android devices (with OS greater than v6.O).

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  1. It allows you to provide tracking information to customers for all Local shops orders that are shipped by the sellers using their own delivery network or through a carrier who is not integrated with Amazon systems.
  2. It helps customers to track the status of the delivery accurately that leads to better customer feedback and in turn to positive seller experience.
  3. It helps you distribute responsibility of updating order status (marking scans) among all your associates instead of one person centrally performing the same.

Prerequisites to use the App

  1. Ensure to add the same address provided in Manage GST Details under Buy Shipping preferences too. Both addresses should match each other.
  2. Make sure that email ID is registered as buyer account in while adding/ inviting associates and ensure that the associates use this email ID and the corresponding password while signing into the app. Do not share the Seller Central account credentials with the associates.
  3. Ensure to add the associate under User Permissions.
  4. Ensure to install the app in phones with the android version 6.0 or more.

Processing Orders

Self Deliver method

Self Deliver option must be used when you are delivering orders yourself (in case you have delivery agents). While using this option to process orders, you must update delivery scans through Amazon Delivery App. This helps us forward the tracking information to customers thereby allowing them to track their orders on real-time basis. Failing to update relevant scans would lead to impact on your Valid Tracking Rate metric.

To understand how Self Deliver option works, follow these steps:

  1. Log into Seller Central and go to Orders and click on Manage Orders tab
  2. Select an unshipped order and click on the Self Deliver.

  3. On the next screen, enter package dimensions & weight and click on Self Deliver to generate shipping label.

  4. Scan the bar code in the shipping label using the Amazon Delivery App.

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