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Sponsored Ads recommendations

Get recommendations at campaign and ASIN level for your sponsored ad campaigns

For sellers running sponsored ads on Amazon, now you can check in to our sponsored ads recommendations site to view and action on customized suggestions. The recommendations provide a holistic view of the campaigns with actions, which should aid in cost-savings and making the advertisers aware of missing potential sales opportunities from the ad campaigns.

For example, an advertiser can get a single window view of what are the best ASINs which should be considered for advertising along with actions for campaigns where the ad spends can be optimized and budgets can be corrected to potentially help drive better discoverability.

Click here to view/download and take actionfor your suggested set of sponsored ad recommendations.

Advertisers can directly move to manage/create their campaigns using the links available in the page only. Following are a set of direct benefits, advertisers can have from the recommendations page:

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is Amazon Advertising?

Amazon Advertising offers a range of options to help you achieve your advertising goals to registered sellers, vendors, book vendors, Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) authors, app developers, and/or agencies (refer to each product's page for eligibility criteria).

2) How does Amazon Advertising work?

To get started with self-service sponsored advertising, visit the Register page and choose one of the options to enroll.

Display ads, video ads, and ads run through the Amazon DSP can be managed independently or with an Amazon Advertising consultant. Contact us to get started.

3) What is CPC (cost-per-click) or PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, and how do I use it?

CPC or PPC advertising is a type of paid advertising where ads display at no charge. Ad impressions, or views, are free and the advertiser is charged only when a customer clicks the ad. Sponsored ads such as Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands, run on the CPC model.

4) How can I do keyword research for my Amazon Advertising campaigns?

To start, we recommend using the suggested keywords when creating your campaigns. Sponsored Products campaigns may use automatic targeting, which selects relevant keywords automatically.

Once your automatic campaign is running, you can check your advertising reports to see which keywords are resulting in ad clicks and sales. You can use the top-performing keywords to create a Sponsored Brands campaign or a Sponsored Products campaign with manual targeting, where you select keywords to target and set individual bids for them.

5) What is the benefit that a seller can expect from using the sponsored ads recommendations?

The recommendations page will provide seller relevant actions across campaigns which are currently costing the sellers high spends without significant sales. The suggested actions will guide a seller to take steps to optimize the spends.

Sellers can also potentially increase visibility of their ad campaigns by acting on budget corrections, ensuring uninterrupted running of ads. The recommendations will also help sellers to identify the next set of targeted products (ASINs) which can be whitelisted for running sponsored ads.

6) I am new to advertising and have a very limited set of actions, suggested in the page. Can I get more recommendations?

The recommendations are a direct output of a seller’s current activity status on Amazon. For new advertisers, we recommend to enroll in the planned webinars and get a proper understanding of all the advertising features available on Amazon by using resource links available in the recommendations page.

The recommendations are tailored to serve the best interests of the advertisers and hence the volume of recommendations will always be in line with the advertiser’s activity status.

7) I have completed the actions provided in the page. How long should I wait for the next set of suggestions?

The portal is refreshed every seven days and each seller should get refreshed suggestions by Monday end of day, every week based on latest ad campaign's activity.

8) I can see only five ASINs suggested to me for running ad campaigns. How can I get a more exhaustive list?

We recommend the sellers to download and check the files for exhaustive list of suggestions in all the recommendation sections. For displaying in the portal, we are currently providing a maximum number of five line items. However, in case if a seller has more than five actionable ASINs or suggestions, those can be retrieved from the download option provided in each section.

9) Have more questions/feedback?

You can drop an email to We will get back to you at the earliest.

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