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Immersion water heater, Room heater and Electrical switches

As per Amazon’s policy, certain products like immersion water heaters, room heaters and electric switches made available for sale on Amazon India are required to meet specified certification standards prescribed under applicable laws in India including but not limited to the Electrical Wires, Cables, Appliances and Protection Devices and Accessories (Quality Control) Order, 2003. In order to sell these products on Amazon, you must apply by submitting the following details to

  • Company name
  • Seller ID
  • Email Address
  • Phone number
  • A list of ASINs you are applying to sell
  • Detail page shall display ISI mark with CML number
  • ISI certificate with CML number issued in the name of Manufacturer.
Sl. No. Product name Certification
1 Immersion water heater BIS mandatory certification as per IS: 302-2-201
2 Room heaters BIS Mandatory certification as per IS: 302-2-30
3 Electrical switches BIS Mandatory certificationas per IS: 3854
4 Gas Geysers IS 1558:2005 – Instantaneous Domestic Water heater for use with LPG.
Note: You certify that all materials that you submit are true, authentic, and accurate. If you fail to meet the requirements, Amazon may remove your selling privileges.

As per ‘Electrical Wires, Cables, Appliances and Protection Devices and Accessories (Quality Control) Order, 2003, No. 189(E)' dated February 17, 2003; the following products require mandatory certification to sell/store/manufacture.

  • Immersion water

  • Room heater

  • Electric switch

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