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Buyback for Self-Ship

What is buyback programme for seller-fulfilled products?

Buyback programme enables Amazon customers to receive exchange offers from buyback partners by exchanging their used products while purchasing new ones. Customers will see an associated buyback offer on the applicable self-shipped orders on the Product Detail Page. It improves affordability for customers while potentially reducing the hassles of disposing of used products at a competitive price.

How does buyback benefit you?

Buyback will benefit you in the following ways:

  1. Potentially improving conversions for your products: By making the purchase of the new products more affordable, the buyback programme leads to a potential increase in chance of sale of your products.
  2. Derive benefits from old product: You can refurbish the used product and liquidate it.

Do I get auto-enrolled for buyback?

No. Based on your interest to join, you can work with Amazon team to enrol for the programme.

Who offers the buyback exchange value to customers?

As part of the programme, you will submit buyback exchange value quotes for products for which you want to provide the exchange option to your customers. We will assist you in updating your offers for exchanged products and when the buyback portal is launched, you will be able to set the price on your own.

How do I offer exchange values to the customers?

Once you onboard as a buyback partner, you are required to add money to QwikCilver (QC) wallet. All exchange value on your exchange offers gets funded from this QC account. Our internal team will help you to understand more on QC wallet, once you onboard as a buyback partner.

What will be the customer's experience?

On the Product Details page of a buyback eligible product, customers sees With Exchange option along with the Without Exchange (regular offer) option for purchase. Customers must share some basic details about their used product, such as brand, type or model, and condition to purchase With Exchange. Once the used product information is provided, the exchange value offered by you for that particular used item will be displayed. If the customer accepts the exchange value, then they will be able to buy the new product at a price reduced by the exchange value by following the standard checkout process.

Which categories are enabled for buyback?

Currently buyback is enabled on nine categories - mobiles, tablets, laptops, televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, furniture, and audio. Sellers can choose to enable buyback offers on these categories and specific brand or product types in each of the categories.

Can customers exchange any old product and receive an exchange value while purchasing new one?

Customers can only return an old product if it is the same type as the new product. For instance, customers will not be able to exchange an old AC for receiving an exchange value on the purchase of a new mobile phone. The list of old products eligible for exchange value will be available on the product detail page of the new product. Customers will be able to check whether their old product (brand or model) is eligible for the programme. Customers will be able to check the exact exchange value that will be offered in exchange for it.

How will I provide delivery PIN codes where I want to enable buyback?

Once you fill the form to onboard, our internal team explains you to on-board as buyback partner. We will ask you for a set of PIN codes where your buyback offers needs to be live. You are requested to provide only such PIN codes where you can do the delivery yourself using Amazon delivery app. You should also ensure that these PIN codes are a subset of your delivery coverage in the shipping settings in Seller Central.

How will I identify orders with buyback?

Sellers will clearly be able to see buyback orders on

  • Manage Orders page
  • Partner Reports

Seller Central Manage Orders page:

What are the pre-requisites to enrol in buyback programme?

You are required to

  1. Use Amazon delivery app for delivering products.
  2. Onboard as buyback partner.

Is there a minimum exchange value to be offered to enable buyback?

In order to offer customers a meaningful value for their old product, there are certain minimum exchange value limits set depending on the category. You have to offer buyback exchange value greater than or equal to this value. Buyback quotes less than this value will not be processed during the offer uploads.

Will Amazon collect old product for me?

No. You are expected to collect old products from customers while delivering the new one and verify the condition of old product at customer’s doorsteps.

Will Amazon help me to sell old product?

No. Amazon will not assist in re-selling the old product collected from customer.

How can I ship buyback orders using 3P carriers?

All buyback order must be delivered by using the Self Deliver button on your Manage Orders page on Seller Central. For buyback orders, Confirm Shipment button in your Seller Central account will be disabled. You are required to ship orders using Self Deliver button. It will generate Amazon shipping labels. You are required to use Amazon Delivery app to scan these labels and deliver orders to customers.

Can seller charge customers for providing buyback offers?

No, currently you cannot charge customers for providing buyback offers.

Will seller be charged any fee for on boarding to the Buyback programme?

No, currently you are not required to pay any fee (for the first three months) to onboard on buyback programme.

How do I deliver buyback order?

You can follow the steps below to delivery buyback order:

  1. Identify Buyback orders on Manage Your Orders page with a buyback badge.
  2. Process your order using Buy shipping button on your Manage your Order page on Seller Central.
  3. Check the Partner Reports to obtain product details and condition of buyback product.
  4. Click on Buy shipping button on Manage Orders page and download the shipping label.
  5. Use Amazon Delivery app to mark the order Out for Delivery, contact customer once you reach customer’s address.
  6. Verify the condition of old product yourself with the product condition available on Partner Reports.
  7. Deliver the order to customer and collect old product.

Following flowchart contains the steps to deliver a buyback order:

What if the old product condition is different at customer’s doorstep?

You are expected to verify the old product during delivery and ensure that it matches with the condition provided by customer during order placement. In case the old product condition is different, you can reject the entire order, inform the customer, and abort delivery. Customers will be refunded with the amount paid by them while checking out. You are requested not to dispute the old product condition post pick-up as Amazon will not accept any disputes or claims.

Can I file reimbursement claim with Amazon if the condition of old product is different than expected?

No. You cannot file reimbursement claim on the old product. You are required to verify the condition of old product at customer’s doorstep during delivery of the new product. If condition of product is different, then you can abort delivery and mark order as rejected.

What happens when customer returns or rejects the order with buyback?


For a customer return, you are not expected to return the old product. Customers will be refunded their total value (amount paid + buyback exchange values).

Customer will receive amount paid + Gift Card of exchange product amount - exchange fees (Exchange fees is charged by Amazon and will not be returned in case of return request).

Your seller central account will be debited with amount paid by the customer + exchange product amount.


For a customer reject or undeliverable, since the new product was not delivered or old product picked up, customers will be refunded only the amount paid (product value minus buyback exchange values) + exchange fee.

Your seller central account is debited the full amount by the customer + exchange product amount. Since, you did not receive the old item, your QC account will be refunded with the exchange product amount.

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