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Amazon STEP

Amazon STEP is a performance-based benefits program designed to helps sellers accelerate their growth on STEP simplifies the seller experience by providing customised and actionable recommendations to improve key customer experience metrics and unlock benefits across multiple levels like ‘Basic’, ‘Standard’, ‘Advanced’, ‘Premium’ (consistent performers at “Premium’ will be considered for ‘Premium Plus’ and ‘Premium Pro’). These benefits include online and offline training, waiver in weight handling fees and lightning deal fees, faster disbursement cycles, priority seller support and free world-class account management. Using customised and actionable recommendations, STEP enables sellers to improve their performance on key seller controllable customer metrics like cancellation rate, late dispatch rate and return rate, among others. As sellers improve their performance, they can unlock benefits associated with each level.

To know more about the program, watch the following video in English and Hindi:

Seller’s performance will be evaluated on pre-defined seller actionable performance metrics such as Cancellation Rate, Late Dispatch Rate, Seller Controllable Return Rate, Out of Stock Views, Prime Listing Customer Views, Regional In-Stock Views, and Net Sales. Sellers can unlock ‘Advanced’ level benefits , including the maximum weight handling fee & lightning deal fee waiver by meeting the thresholds on the first 5 metrics. The two metrics i.e. regional stock and net sales volume are applicable only for the ‘Premium’ Level. Sellers will have to meet criteria of all the metrics of a level to be classified under that level.

Sellers are evaluated at start of every quarter based on their performance in the last quarter and they move to a new level or continue at the same level. Sellers start receiving the benefits after the evaluation is completed. They receive these benefits until the completion of the next evaluation. Refer to below table to understand the timelines:

First Performance Evaluation Period January 1, 2021- March 31, 2021(Completed)
Performance Evaluation based on First Evaluation Period April 5, 2021
Second Performance Evaluation Period April 1, 2021- June 30, 2021(Ongoing)
Next Performance Evaluation Date July 5, 2021

This quarterly cycle will allow all sellers on an opportunity to progress across levels and unlock new benefits. Sellers with consistent performance at ‘Premium’ level will have an opportunity to unlock even more benefits at the ‘Premium Plus’ and ‘Premium Pro’ levels.

To know more about STEP, click here.

STEP Benefits

At the start of every quarter sellers will be eligible for benefits corresponding to the STEP level. Remember, better the performance, higher the level and higher the level, more the benefits. To view the benefits tab on STEP dashboard, click here.

The table below describes the level wise benefits:

Benefit Basic Standard (Start Level) Advanced Premium
Online / Offline training through Seller University
Brand Registry service
Free Automation & Inventory Management tools
Payment Reserve Period 10 Days 7 Days 7 Days 3 Days
Weight handling Fee Waiver (INR per Shipment)

Up to Rs. 6 Up to Rs. 12 Up to Rs. 12
Lightning Deal Fee Waiver

10% OFF 20% OFF 20% OFF
Account Management

Based on Criteria* Guaranteed
Service Provider Network Balance (per quarter)

INR 3500 INR 3500
Free Rich Detail (A+) Page Creation (per quarter)

30 ASINs 30 ASINs
Confirmed Invitation to ‘Amazon Seller Connect’ Events

✓ (Region Wise)
Priority Seller Support

*Click here to know about the Account Management benefit.

*Click here to know more about each benefits.

Benefits of Premium Plus and Premium Pro will be communicated to qualifying sellers at the time of entry into these levels.

Seller Performance Evaluation Metrics

Sellers will be evaluated based on the following key performance metrics against defined level wise thresholds. The table below describes the level wise thresholds. Click on each of the metrics below to learn more:

Metric Basic Standard (Start Level) Advanced Premium
Total Cancellation Rate Above 2% 0.5% to 2% Below 0.5% Below 0.5%
Total Late Dispatch Rate Above 2% 0.5% to 2% Below 0.5% Below 0.5%
Seller controllable return rate Vertical Thresholds*
Out of Stock Rate Above 25% 5% to 25% Below 5% Below 5%
Prime Listing Customers Views % -- Above 50% Above 50%
Regional In-Stock % -- Above 35%
Net Sales Volume (INR or units) -- Above 20 lakhs OR Above 6000 units

*This is based on the overall category thresholds and orders distribution of a seller among categories.

Sellers are evaluated only if they have received >=30 Order Units and have >= 5 distinct ASINs in any quarter. If not, then sellers will be at ‘Standard’ level and receive 'Standard’ benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to register for Amazon STEP?

No, you are automatically enrolled into Amazon STEP.

I am a new seller. Will I be part of Amazon STEP?

Yes, as a new seller you will start at the 'Standard' level and enjoy 'Standard' benefits from day one.

Where can I track my performance?

You can view your performance on the STEP dashboard under Performance tab in Seller Central.

What is my current level?

To view your current level, click here. It is based on your last quarter’s performance on seller controllable metrics against defined thresholds.

When will I be evaluated?

STEP follows a quarterly evaluation cycle and based on your performance in the last quarter you move to a new level (or continue at the same level) at by the 5th day of the next quarter.

For example, based on your performance from January 1, 2021 to March 31, 2021 you move to ‘Basic’, ‘Advanced’ or ‘Premium’ effective April 5, 2021, or continue at ‘Standard’ level. You will continue at this level and receive corresponding benefits, until the next evaluation is completed by July 5th, 2021 based on your performance from 1st April 2021 to 30th June 2021.

The evaluation will be done only if you have fulfilled at least 30 orders and have at least 5 distinct ASINs in the evaluation period. If you do not fulfill the above criteria, you will be at the ‘Standard’ level and receive ‘Standard’ benefits

What are Premium Plus and Premium Pro levels? How can I be part of it?

Sellers who qualify for 'Premium' level consecutively for two quarters (two evaluation cycles) and have a net sales of more than Rs. 2 Crores in the last 12 months will be eligible to be considered for participation in Premium Pro and Premium Plus levels and enjoy further benefits at these levels. Sellers who are eligible will go through an evaluation process the details of which will be provided at the time of evaluation. The result of evaluation will be communicated to the sellers after completion of the evaluation process.

Please note that we have limited capacity in Premium Plus and Premium Pro levels and sellers will be added to the queue and enter these levels based on availability of capacity. Sellers who successfully pass through the evaluation process will qualify for the benefits of Premium Plus or Premium Pro levels and the details of the benefits will be shared with the qualifying sellers. Once a seller qualifies for Premium Plus and Premium Pro, we will provide qualifying sellers, the criteria to continue to remain at these levels. If a Premium Plus or Premium Pro seller fails to meet the required thresholds of performance at these levels, the seller will be moved out of these levels and back into another STEP level commensurate with the performance metrics of the seller.

How can I use my SPN balance and A+ cataloging services?

To know how to use SPN balance and A+ cataloging services, click here.

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For more information on the Terms and Conditions for Amazon STEP, click here.

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