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High-Volume Listing Fee

Which ASINs count towards the High-Volume Listing Fee?

We will be charging a monthly High-Volume Listing Fee ("HVLF") of INR 0.5 per active non-media ASIN listings beyond a listing of 2,000,000 ASIN's effective July 1, 2019. HVLF will be charged on non-media ASINs only. Please note that you will not be charged HVLF on size and color variations (Child ASINs) but will be charged on styles (i.e. Parent ASINs). For example, if you have a T- Shirt style in blue, white, green and black colours, these 4 colour variations are treated as single ASIN towards HVLF calculations.

Can you give me examples of how the fee is calculated?

Let’s say you have a maximum of 1,999,000 active ASIN listings in a given month. Your High-Volume Listing Fee would be INR 0, since you have not exceeded your free threshold of 2,000,000 eligible ASINs of active ASIN listings.

On the other hand, if you have maximum of 3,000,000 active ASIN listings, you will be charged INR 500,000. It is calculated as INR 0.5 on the 1,000,000 ASINs.

I am not sure which active ASIN listings can I remove without impacting my sale?

You may decide to remove or reduce your active ASIN listings to avoid charging of the HVLF. In the event if you need any technical or other support or have any further queries in relation to the removal of your active ASIN listings from, feel free to reach out to Seller Support.

Can you help me the process on how to remove the active ASIN listings above free threshold?

You can remove active ASIN listings one by one basis or in bulk. Below are the steps to be followed for the same:

To remove active listings one by one

  1. Go to Manage inventory page.
  2. Click edit and change the available quantity of the product to 0.

To remove active listings in bulk

  1. Download Price and quantity file here.
  2. Fill SKUs in the SKU column and fill quantity as 0.
  3. Go to upload your inventory file page and select file type as “price and quantity file”.
  4. Choose the file you created at step 2 and click on upload.
  5. Check upload status here.

For more information, refer to Price & Quantity file help page.

If I remove active ASIN listings before the end of the month, will I be charged for ASINs associated with those listings for the month?

Yes. We charge the High-Volume Listing Fee on the maximum number of active ASIN listings during the calendar month.

For example, if during a month you had active ASIN listings of 3,000,000 eligible ASINs on December 15, and then removed offers on 2,000,000 eligible ASINs on December 16, you would be charged a fee of INR 500,000, calculated as INR 0.5 on the 1,000,000 ASINs that are above your free threshold of 2,000,000 active ASIN listings for that month.

When is this fee effective from?

This fee is effective Jul 1, 2019 and you will be charged this fee at monthly level. We will share report of active ASIN listings which have been subjected to charging of High-Volume Listing Fee during the month.

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