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Infant Inclined Sleep Products

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Infant Inclined Sleep Products are free standing products with an inclined sleep surface primarily intended and marketed to provide sleeping accommodations for an infant up to 5 months old or when the infant begins to roll over or pull up on sides, whichever comes first.

What type of Infant Inclined Sleep Products are restricted on Amazon?

All Infant Inclined Sleep Products, as described above are restricted due to risk of injury, asphyxiation and suffocation.

Infant Inclined Sleep Products fall into four categories and include those listed below.

Framed-type Inclined Sleep Products

A framed-type inclined sleep product is a self-supporting products with a semi-rigid sleeping surface. These products can be either stationary or allow for manual and/or automated rocking.


Infant sleep hammocks are typically constructed of fabric and suspended from two or more points across a crib or suspended from a stand or ceiling. These products typically conform to the shape of the child; however, some designs use a mat, mattress or other type of semi-rigid sleep surface to maintain product form.

Compact Inclined Sleep Products

Compact inclined sleep products, also known as infant sleep recliners are typically constructed of foam and placed on the floor and/or in cribs. These products are considered free-standing, with the bottom of the seat a maximum of 6 inches above the floor.

Accessory Inclined Sleep Products

Accessory inclined sleep products are intended to provide sleeping accommodations for infants or newborns. These products are attached to or supported in some way, by another product and can be either fixed or adjustable. An inclined sleep accessory is typically a rigid-frame product that has a stationary or fixed base and, in some cases, inclined sleep product accessories may be removed and used alone.

In addition to the four product types listed above, Infant Inclined Sleep Accessories are also restricted. This includes replaceable parts such as mats or device modules.

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