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How do I create a Prime Exclusive Discount?

You can create Prime Exclusive Discounts from the Prime Exclusive Discounts home page in three steps. You can download the Discount Upload Template spreadsheet from the Prime Exclusive Discounts homepage before you start the discount creation process.

  1. Please click Create Discount at the Prime Exclusive Discounts page, then enter the name of the discount, and choose the start and end date of the discount. In case of Prime Day discounts, the date fields will not be available, and your scheduled Prime Day discounts will start at the beginning of Prime Day. Click Save and Add Products.
  2. Upload the completed Discount Upload spreadsheet. Please refer to "Data Definition" worksheet in the template for proper format. Please note that the system might generate errors if you do not follow the format. You can find some of the common reasons for upload errors here. Once you upload your file, click Validate Products. This step will check whether SKUs are eligible for Prime Exclusive Discount.
  3. You will be directed to the Review page once you start the validation. On this page, you can see whether a product is ready to be submitted or whether a product is invalid (i.e. failed validation). You will also receive an email with validation status of each of the products that you uploaded. Click Submit to schedule the discount. In case you still have some invalid SKUs in review, you can always return to the Review tab even after submitting the discount to delete them from the discount.
Note: Product and offer eligibility will be validated during submission as well as periodically after submission. If your discount does not satisfy the eligibility criteria, then your Prime Exclusive Discount for the affected SKU will be suppressed. You can always edit the discount information of the product and republish.

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