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Updated Home Item Dimension Attributes FAQ

1. What is changing?

Amazon is standardising Home and Furniture item dimensions attributes for 30 Product Types (PTs) to improve the overall customer shopping experience through complete and accurate data. Amazon has introduced new item dimensions attributes with product type specific definitions based on industry standards.

These new attributes will provide clear definitions. For example, for PT SOFA there are 3 specific attributes: Depth (Front to Back), Width (Side to Side), Height (Base to Top). Measurement descriptions will be more PT specific. Similarly for PT SHELF depth: Provide the measurement of the Shelf from front to back in assembled position.

Additionally, we will reduce the acceptable values for unit of measure. In US, dimensions will be ingested in inches only. In all other countries, dimensions will be ingested in centimetres. This will reduce errors and oversight. We will accept numeric non-zero values.

2. Why is Amazon now requiring Home products item dimension guidelines?

Effective from July 2021, we will require all new ASIN listings for noted PTs to input item dimensions while using Add a Product or inventory file templates. Item dimensions will also be required when updating existing ASINs one by one through Manage Inventory or in bulk through inventory file templates. We will require item dimensions when creating or updating ASINs through feeds integrators starting from October 1, 2021. Customers appreciate clear item dimensions which they can easily grasp and use to compare products. Products with clear dimensions can be more easily discoverable and may show better sales conversion while reducing returns.

3. What will happen to the values that I entered in item_dimensions for existing ASINs?

We will move accurate existing item dimensions to the new item dimensions attributes as per the launch schedule below. We require you to add missing data that may not have been migrated due to improper formatting or illogical values. Please update item dimensions data as needed to ensure accuracy. Item dimensions can be updated through catalogue editing tools.

You will be notified to add missing dimensions during regular catalogue edits (pricing updates, updates to product information, etc.). Additionally, we will email you on an ongoing basis in the following weeks of attribute launches to resolve any remaining defects.

4. How does this benefit my business?

Complete and accurate data as per standard attribute definitions improves the customer’s shopping experience.

5. What are the customer benefits of these new product specific attributes?

Standardisation of dimensions helps customers to accurately find the product that they want. When browsing in the Amazon store, customers find additional selection with dimension values when filtering search results using the left-hand navigation tools. These navigation features provide a more predictable customer experience. For example, when customers previously selected options like Sofa Length, they often saw dimensions that measured the depth of the sofa.

6. How will the listing creation experience change?

New attributes will be added to the listing experience that will specify how each dimension of the product should be measured. We will remove the old “item_dimensions” attribute.

7. When will the listing experience change go into effect?

The dimensions changes will be implemented across 30 product types as per the schedule in the table below. The attributes are required to list products in the Home category.

8. Will the existing “item_dimensions” attribute still be available for listing experience?

No. During the launch of new attributes, we will remove the existing “dimensions” attribute from the listing experiences for these 30 PTs.

9. What if I use a feeds integrator?

The new item dimension attributes on feeds will be introduced and required from October 1, 2021. Please contact your provider for more information.

10. Will this impact any fees that I pay?

No, we are creating new item dimensions attributes. Package dimensions attributes are not impacted by this change.

11. Are there new item dimensions attributes for other Home Product Types (PTs) not included in the table below?

No, we are only making item dimension attributes changes for the 30 PTs below. Other PTs will not be impacted by this change.

For additional information, please refer to the table below:

Table 1. New Item Dimensions attributes for 30 Home Product Types (PT)
PT New Item Dimensions Attribute Name UoM (US) UoM (non-US) New Attribute Launch Date Item Length Item Width Item Height Item Depth Item Thickness
Dimensions required
RUG item_length_width inch cm 7/26/2021 – 1x1 and Custom Template, 10/1/2021 – XSD Y Y NA NA Optional
LAMP item_depth_width_height inch cm 7/26/2021 – 1x1 and Custom Template, 10/1/2021 – XSD NA Y Y Y NA
HEADBOARD item_width_height inch cm 8/30/2021 – 1x1 and Custom Template, 10/1/2021 – XSD NA Y Y NA NA
MATTRESS item_length_width_thickness inch cm 8/30/2021 – 1x1 and Custom Template, 10/1/2021 – XSD Y Y NA NA Y
BED item_length_width_height inch cm 8/30/2021 – 1x1 and Custom Template, 10/1/2021 – XSD Y Y Y NA NA

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