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Carrier recommendation dashboard

Carrier recommendation dashboard provides recommendations around different carriers which will help improve delivery performance of your self ship orders. The dashboard recommends carriers based on carrier’s on-time delivery performance (OTDR), and considers past orders, source or destination region, and so on.

Where can I find the dashboard and how can I use it?

Go to Carrier recommendation dashboard to get the list of recommended carriers for your business needs based on source, destination, product type, and order type. The dashboard is applicable across self ship orders including Local Shops and standard self ship orders.

What is the benefit of using this dashboard?

You can potentially improve delivery performance and seller rating. You can provide better customer experience on your self ship orders by using a suitable carrier of your choice from the recommendations.

How is the delivery performance of a carrier calculated?

We recommend carriers based on their OTDR for previous self ship orders of various sellers.

The OTDR of the carrier is calculated as the number of shipments delivered or attempted within the promised delivery time as a percentage of the total number of shipments shipped by that carrier in the last 60 days.

Note: We do not take any responsibility for on-time delivery of the self ship orders. Delivery and associated SLAs are subject matter of the agreement between sellers and carriers.

Where can I track my OTDR?

To track the OTDR for your self ship orders, go to Performance > Account Health > Shipping Performance.

What additional information is provided in the dashboard?

The dashboard provides additional details such as carrier delivery performance rating provided by customers, carrier performance rating provided by sellers, carrier rates, and point of contact details for the carriers.

Note: The rates mentioned in the dashboard are determined by the carriers. While we update these rates periodically basis information provided by the carriers, contact the carriers for the most up-to-date rates.

Is it mandatory to use the carrier recommended by the dashboard?

No, it is not mandatory to choose the recommended carrier to ship your orders. However, if you select the recommended carrier, it can help you deliver your self ship orders on time, help provide better customer experience, and improve your delivery performance.

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