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Amazon WMS

This page provides you information on Amazon WMS.


Amazon WMS is a cloud-based warehouse management system that allows eligible sellers to manage their inventory and orders. Built with Amazon’s deep expertise in building world-class supply chain and fulfilment systems, Amazon WMS is a simple yet powerful tool to streamline your warehouse operations. Getting started on Amazon WMS is quick and easy. Interested sellers can sign up here.

Features and Benefits

Amazon WMS brings you a best-in-class warehouse management system built for speed and accuracy. With a wide suite of features to help you manage inventory and orders, Amazon WMS helps you run your warehouse operations smoothly as your business scales, and helps you improve performance metrics such as Late Shipping Rate, Order Cancellation Rate and Order Defect Rate. With Amazon WMS, you have access to:

  • Location aware inventory management: Eliminate dependence on spreadsheets and notebooks – you can keep a track of where your inventory is at a bin and zone level on Amazon WMS;
  • Inventory audit and cycle count: You don’t need to worry about losing track of inventory and keeping an accurate count anymore. Inventory audit in Amazon WMS will show you the exact movement of stock at an SKU level, and Cycle Count will help you maintain an accurate inventory picture at all times;
  • Advanced picking: Want to pack only single item orders first? Or maybe prime orders first? Amazon WMS lets you customize your picking order as per your need, and minimizes your picking time by planning which bin to go and how many products to pick;
  • Scan based inbound and order processing: Eliminate manual errors by managing stock inwarding, order processing, all with a barcode scanner. You can even print product SKU labels from Amazon WMS; and
  • User Management: You can choose who gets access to your WMS and for what functionalities.

Eligibility Criteria

Any seller who is either availing Easy Ship service or shipping the products itself (i.e. self-ship) is eligible to use Amazon WMS. To register for this, please sign up here, and we will get back to you within two business days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get enrolled into Prime and Guaranteed Delivery programs if I sign up for Amazon WMS?

Signing up for/using Amazon WMS does not automatically enrol you in Guaranteed Delivery or Easy Ship Prime programs. Enrolment into these programs depends on whether you fulfil their respective eligibility criteria. The WMS is only a tool for you to improve your performance and streamline your warehouse operations.

Will I get enrolled into Seller Flex program if I use Amazon WMS?

No, you will not be automatically enrolled into Seller Flex program by using Amazon WMS.

How much do I need to pay to use Amazon WMS?

Amazon WMS is available to you at no extra charge for now. We will notify you via email 15 days in advance in case we make any changes to pricing.

Can I process both Easy Ship and Self Ship orders from WMS?

Yes, you can process both Easy Ship and Self Ship orders from WMS.

Where do I need to update inventory once I start using Amazon WMS? Can I continue to update inventory on Seller Central?

If you are using Amazon WMS, you should only update inventory on Amazon WMS and not on Seller Central. You can add inventory on Amazon WMS by visiting ‘Quick Inbound’ and following the inbounding process. Your inventory on Amazon WMS will be synced to Seller Central automatically once you add it.

Note: If you update inventory on Seller Central, same will not reflect on Amazon WMS.

Where can I reach out if I have any further queries about Amazon WMS?

Please leave your call back request here. We will get back to you within two business days.

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