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Updating bullet points and product description

Research shows that defective or incomplete ASIN information(s) listed by sellers result in a poor customer experience at multiple stages during the customer purchase journey. One of the ways for you to maintain customer's best online purchase experience is by considering the tips identified in Style Guidelines which can be accessed here for your ASIN attributes. Providing a consistent format for your listings will better inform customers and could enhance your product discovery.

The style guidelines includes the following:

  • Bullet Points: Bullet points highlight additional details of your product in a short and easy to read format. It is recommended that the ASINs attributes contain at least three (3) bullet points.
  • Product Description: Product description includes additional information of your product & brand not already captured in the title and bullet points. We recommend you to refer to the style guidelines tips for your product description.
  • General Guidelines: The following tips can be used for both bullet points and product description:
    1. It is recommended that the ASINs attributes should not contain the following promotional keywords and phrases:
      • Affordable
      • Best-selling
      • Discount
      • Money-back
      • Non-returnable
      • Refund
      • Promotional language such as 'SALE' or 'Free shipping'
      • 100% quality guaranteed
      Note: This list is indicative. You can find a list of the tips on 'what not to do' here by clicking through the link of style guidelines to category of products you intend to list.
    2. It is recommended that the ASINs attributes should not contain an external link that redirects customers to other third party websites or applications. Further, the Attributes must not contain contact information such as email addresses and phone numbers.

The detailed report on ASINs which are not compliant with Amazon style guidelines will appear under Complete your Drafts > Incomplete Listings under Catalogue tab in your Seller Central account, with details of errors in ASINs attributes. You can view Amazon's style guidelines for the respective category of products to understand the actions required at your end to rectify the errors in these attributes and resubmit the attributes which are compliant to Amazon's style guidelines.

How to access report on errors in ASINs attributes and update?

  • Step1: Click on Complete Your Drafts under Catalogue tab in Seller Central

  • Step 2: Select Incomplete Listings > Errors in attributes per ASIN will be mentioned under Issue Description section

  • Step 3: Click Edit draft to rectify and update ASIN attributes one-by-one

  • Step 4: Upon clicking Edit draft, you will be taken to a page where you can see errors highlighted for Bullet Points under the heading 'Key Product Features' and Product Description. Fix the error as per the error message and applicable Style Guidelines. After rectifying the error, click Save and Finish button to update your changes in the ASIN attributes.

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