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Product Safety Investigation Policy

What is Amazon’s Product Safety Investigation policy?

In Amazon, we obsess over customer safety by aggressively and proactively protecting our customers from unsafe products. Product safety issues may include but are not limited to accidents, injuries, fires, explosions, or thermal expansions.

Product Safety Investigation is a series of activities we engage in to ensure customer safety. If you list your products for sale on the Amazon platform, you must comply with all local laws, regulations, and our policies applicable to ensure that the products listed are safe for customers to use. In order to prevent or minimize the risk of safety hazards, we may temporarily suspend the sale of your products on the Amazon store during the Product Safety Investigation period.

What happens if you do not adhere to our Product Safety Investigation Policy?

Your Amazon selling privileges may be suspended if any of below were to occur:

  • Unable to confirm the product safety incident/concern on a specific product
  • Deferred submission of safety documents
  • Submitted insufficient safety documents
  • Illegitimate safety documents (for example, modification to BIS certificates, test reports, etc.)
  • Unable to provide a plan of action or root cause analysis to mitigate safety hazards

What happens when your ASIN is suppressed due to a Product Safety Investigation?

We will send you an email notification with a description of the issue mentioning the reason why your ASIN has been suppressed. We will also provide information on what are the next steps that need to be taken to initiate reinstatement including what safety documents need to be submitted.

ASIN reinstatement

To successfully reinstate ASINs impacted by a product safety investigation, we may require documents and a plan of action to prove the safety and compliance of the product. As mentioned in the 'What happens when your ASIN is suppressed due to a Product Safety Investigation' section above, you will receive an email notification with all the details pertaining to the required documents that you should submit. You may also reach out to our Selling Partner Support team for further information.

What are your responsibilities as our Selling Partner during the Product Safety Investigation?

It is your responsibility to ensure you provide the correct information and documents required during the product safety investigation.

How to remove inventory from Amazon Fulfilment centers?

If you are unable to or do not wish to continue selling products with associated safety hazards but have inventory of these products in our fulfilment centers, you will have 30 days from the date your listing was removed to create a Removal order. Instructions on creating a removal order can be found on the Remove Inventory Overview help page in Seller central.

Note: If you do not request a removal, then automated removal orders will be triggered. Standard removal fees will be applicable.

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