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FBA-FC Lost Inventory Reimbursement Policy

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Please refer to COVID-19 reimbursements policy help page for temporary changes to the policy owing to COVID-19.

Use the self-service FBA Reimbursement tool to understand if your order is eligible for a reimbursement.

We maintain high standards when it comes to taking care of your inventory. However, occasionally accidents do happen. When your inventory is lost when it is under Amazon's control (by an Amazon partnered carrier, in the fulfilment centre, during provision of storage services by Amazon, or during delivery to your customer), we will either:

  • Replace the item(s) with one with the same FNSKU, or
  • Pay you the evaluated fair market value of your lost inventory, less any applicable FBA and Selling on Amazon fees.

What is covered by this policy?

  • New and Used or Certified Refurbished items that are missing within an Amazon Fulfilment Centre.
  • New and Used or Certified Refurbished items that are lost by the carriers at the time of delivery or during return pickup from the customer and delivery of removal to seller.

Below are all the lost use cases and their corresponding details that we encounter in FBA-FC Fulfilment channel:

Use Case Reason Process Clock Start Date Claim/Reimbursement window from clock start date
Lost Order Related - Lost in Transit Automated Refund Date 45
Missing from Inbound Claim Based Inbound Shipping Delivery 60
Warehouse Lost Claim Based Inventory Adjustments 60
Removal Order Lost Claim Based Removal Order Shipped Date 30

If the removal Tracking ID shows as delivered on the carrier website but you have not received it physically, then you can go ahead and request for a POD (Proof of Delivery). Please ensure that you contact us within 7 days from the date of delivery as per the carrier website in order to be eligible to investigate this claim

For more information on how to accept removal packages and report lost claims for the accepted packages, please refer to the Removal Packages Acceptance Guidelines Governing Reimbursement Claims help page.

Our policies prohibit any activity that would interfere with our capacity to help other sellers. Examples of such activities include, but are not limited to, submitting insufficiently researched or prematurely submitted requests, or submitting high volumes of requests in a short period of time. All disputes to the case resolution provided must be submitted within 7 days from case closure date with valid reasons and supporting documentation.

Lost in Transit

This process is used to address your concerns if your item is lost in the Amazon network while on the way to getting delivered to the customer, or on the way to return to Fulfilment Centre (FC) as Customer Return/Reject items. The reimbursement will be issued automatically if the unit is not returned to our Warehouse within 45 days from the date of refund to customer.

If we have previously reimbursed you for lost inventory that is subsequently found, or otherwise determine that the reimbursement was given by mistake, then you authorise us to reverse the credit that was applied to your account. For more details on this policy, please check Reimbursements FAQ

Missing from Inbound (MFI)

The objective of the process is to locate and recover inventory that has been reported missing at some stage of the inbound receiving process at the Fulfilment Centre (FC). In case your shipment has been delivered/checked-in but has not been added to inventory within 14 days from the receive date, you can visit this link to understand how to reconcile your FBA Shipments. Please raise the claim 14 days after the inventory receive date and within 60 days of the inventory receive date.

Please use this link to raise claims for MFI.

PCP Reimbursements under MFI - In case you have used Partnered Carrier Programme services to transport your items to the fulfilment centre and it has not been received at the fulfilment centre within 14 business days from pick-up date, it will be proactively auto reimbursed. You will receive an e-mail notification with details on shipments lost in transit.

These proactive reimbursements are applicable only for shipments where we are unable to see a delivery/checked-in status, 14 business days from pick-up date. For shipments that were having delivered/checked-in status but units were not fully received, you can visit this link to initiate an investigation with Seller Support for the missing units.

To check if you have been reimbursed for these shipments, please check the “Reimbursement Report1

Please check “Lost Reimbursement Reconciliation” section to get the link to the Reimbursement Report1

Warehouse Lost

This process is used to calculate inventory deviations within a seller’s inventory to determine the cause and validity of suspected loss. Reconciliations are calculated by subtracting existing and outgoing inventory (sales, removals, credits, legitimate adjustments) from the total amount of received inventory. The basic formula is: (Total Received Inventory + Returns) - Sales - Removals - Adjustments - Credits = Final Result.

Please use the Inventory Adjustment Report1 to find out if any of your units are missing. Please check this page for more information.

1Please check “Lost Reimbursement Reconciliation” section to get link to the Inventory Adjustment Report

If a misplaced unit is not found as per the Inventory Adjustment Report, then you may file a case with Seller Support to investigate for the missing units. Please raise the claim within 60 days of the Inventory Adjustment Date.

Please raise the claim by clicking on this link.

Below is the information required for raising the claim for reimbursement:

  • ASIN / Fulfilment Network SKU (FNSKU)
  • Quantity Missing

Removal Order Lost

This process is used to address seller's concern if there is carrier responsible loss to units that have been or are in the process of being returned to the seller on a Removal Order. Sellers are expected to raise claims within 30 days from removal order shipped date using this link.

Within removal lost, sellers encounter 2 use cases:

  1. Removal Order Shipment Lost: An entire shipment / Tracking ID has been lost or not delivered to the seller. In order to file claims for this issue, information required is:
    • Removal Order ID
    • Tracking ID
  2. Removal order missing units in a shipment: One or more units missing in a shipment / Tracking ID. In order to file claims for this issue, information required is:
    • Removal Order ID
    • Tracking ID
    • FNSKUs missing
    • Image of entire shipping label (displays Tracking ID and weight of the shipment)
    • Copy of the POD which calls out that units were received short
    • Image of the outer box if there are any signs of tampering (If available)

Failure to comply with Amazon policies as outlined above may result in the denial of your reimbursement claims, in Amazon's sole discretion

Lost Reimbursement Reconciliation:

For both the claim based and automated reimbursements, please use the following tools and reports to identify and resolve the discrepancy:

  1. Lost in Transit –
    • Payments Report: Use this report to find out if the order was refunded and that it has been more than 45 days since the order was refunded
    • Reimbursement Report1 / Order Level Reimbursement Report4 : Use this report to find out if the order has been reimbursed
    • Or you can use the workflow in the top of this page to find out reimbursement status against Order ID
  2. Warehouse Lost, Missing from Inbound and Removal Order Lost
    • Inventory Adjustments Report3: Use this report to find out if any FNSKUs were misplaced. You can refer to this link for more details on how to use the adjustments report
    • Reimbursement Report1: Use this report to find out if the FNSKU has already been reimbursed.
    • Received Inventory Report / Manage Shipments page2: Use this report or the page to find out if units have been received in full

1,2,3,4: Please click here to go to the Amazon Fulfilled Reports. You will find all the reports in this page.

For more details, please refer to the FBA Service Terms

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