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Selling on Amazon fees guide

Resources to learn about fees

Key terms and product attributes used to calculate fee rates

Fee rates are calculated using information such as the product category and shipping weight. Below is the glossary of key fee terms:

Fee term Description
Dimensional weight Calculation of a volumetric weight of a package, using the package’s length, width, and height.
Product size tiers Measurement categories based on the unit weight, product dimensions, and dimensional weight of the packaged item.
Product dimensions and volume Measures the product’s size when fully packaged and ready to ship in accordance with FBA policies and requirements.
Shipping weight Item weight plus Amazon's packaging or dunnage to deliver an order to the buyer. The shipping weight is calculated based on the item’s unit weight or dimensional weight plus the packaging weight.
Unit weight Measures how much your product weighs when packaged.

Useful fee tools

Amazon provides tools to help you estimate and track your fees.

  • This report shows the estimated selling on Amazon and fulfillment fees for your current listings. To download the report, go to Amazon fulfillment reports.
  • This report provides the estimated referral fee based on your current listed item price. To download the report, go to Inventory reports.
  • This page provides summary information on payments, including fees paid. The linked reports provide a detailed breakdown of fees paid on specific transactions and events.
  • View details on how your selling fees is calculated on a specific transaction with the fee explainer. Go to transaction view, when viewing a specific transaction’s details.
  • This report shows the estimated monthly storage fees for each of your ASINs that are stored in fulfillment centers. To download the report, go to Amazon fulfillment reports.
  • This report provides itemized long-term storage fee charges for your inventory that is stored in fulfillment centers. To download the report, go to Amazon fulfillment reports.

Selling fees

Referral fees

For all products, Amazon deducts the applicable referral fee percentage calculated on the total sales price, excluding any taxes calculated through Amazon tax calculation services. The total sales price is the total amount paid by the buyer, including the item price and any delivery charges or gift-wrapping charges. Referral fees vary by category.

Fixed Closing fee

Sellers pay a closing fee on every fulfilled order, this depends on Item price and includes shipping price.

Refund commission fees

Refund commission is applied when the order has been returned to the seller and seller has issued the refund to the customer. In the return order level transaction, 20% of the commission, that is, selling on Amazon fee will be withheld. Refund commission will only be charged for return reasons.

Fulfillment fees

FBA fees

FBA Weight handling fees will be charged based on the item dimensions and weight. FBA pick and pack fee are the cost of packaging the products ordered (pick and pack).

Seller flex fees

Seller flex fees will be charged based on the item dimensions and weight. Technology fee will be applied on every order of seller flex and is same for all seller flex orders.

Easy Ship fees

Sellers will be charged a weight handling fee for products delivered by Easy Ship.

Other FBA fees

Monthly inventory storage fees

Storage fees are charged for all units stored in an Amazon fulfillment center based on calendar month and your daily average volume, measured in cubic meters. The cubic meters of any unit will be based on the unit's size as properly packaged and ready for shipping to customers in accordance with the FBA Program Policies. Amazon will be entitled to make its own measurement of the cubic meters or weight of any packaged unit or representative sample thereof and in the event of any conflict between such measurement and information provided by the seller, Amazon's measurement will govern.

FBA long-term storage fees

Long-term storage fee (LTSF) is charged every month for all the sellable inventory units that have been stored in Amazon fulfillment Centers for more than 180 days, that is, 6 months. On the last day of every month, also called the assessment day, the entire sellable inventory at Amazon fulfillment centers is assessed for LTSF.

Note: FBA accounts for inventory on First-in, First-out (FIFO) basis while calculating LTSF. In practice, all physical units are shipped to fill customer orders to optimize the cost and speed of delivery and it is not done on FIFO basis.

FBA Removal order fees

Removal fees are charged per item removed. Typically, removal orders are filled within 10 to 14 business days. However, removal order processing may take up to 30 days or more during holidays and peak removal periods. You are charged for the removal after the inventory has been shipped or disposed of.

Other fees

Order cancelation fees

Sellers will be charged 100% of referral fee, if canceled on or before estimated ship date(ESD) or 150% of referral fee, if canceled after ESD of the value of the products in an order as cancelation charge for seller-fulfilled orders.

High-volume listing fees

Sellers are charged a monthly high-volume listing fee (HVLF)of INR 0.5 per active non-media ASIN listings beyond a listing of 2,000,000 ASIN's effective July 1, 2019. HVLF will be charged on non-media ASINs only.

Shipping chargeback and giftwrap chargeback

Giftwrap and shipping chargeback will be applied on FBA or fulfillment center orders. Amazon applies shipping charges on FBA orders with product charges below INR 500, shipping charges levied on customer will be updated as shipping chargeback in order details.

Amazon applies giftwrap chargeback on FBA orders where-in customer has requested for giftwrap.

Lightning Deal fees

Lightning Deals are flash sales where a product is featured for certain hours on the Amazon Deals page, one of the most visited pages on Amazon. Lightning Deals are aimed at offering short-term, attractive prices for high demand products on Amazon, thereby increasing the chances of getting a sales lift for the sellers during the deal period.

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