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This article applies to selling in: India

Easy Ship Holiday Calendar for 2022

To help you to plan your Easy Ship operations in 2022 in a better way, the following table lists out the Estimated Ship Date (ESD) holidays (applicable PAN India) for the year 2022. You will not receive any Easy Ship orders (Standard, guaranteed delivery or Prime) with Estimated Ship Date (ESD) of these dates.

Date Day Event
January 1, 2022 Saturday New Year's Day
January 26, 2022 Wednesday Republic Day
August 15, 2022 Monday Independence Day
October 2, 2022 Sunday Gandhi Jayanthi
Note: The above-mentioned dates are subject to change in case of a contingency event. Any such changes would be communicated to you in advance.

Seller Set Holidays

You can use the Seller Set Holidays feature to mark the days on which you would be on a holiday due to festivities, regional holidays, planned vacations, or for other reasons. During this time, your listings will be active, but all customer promises will factor the holidays that you have added to your account. You will not get any orders with Estimated Ship Date (ESD) on the holiday dates. You will receive an e-mail confirmation on your registered E-mail ID whenever you create or delete a holiday. Any order that you may have received before configuring the holiday will continue to have an Estimated Ship Date (ESD) as shown on the Manage Orders page. Please ensure that all the orders are shipped out on or before their respective Estimated Ship Date (ESD) to avoid any impact on your seller performance.

To manage Seller Set Holidays:

  • In order to view holidays: Go to Settings > Shipping Settings > Settings > Holidays.
  • In order to add or remove holidays: Go to Settings > Shipping Settings > Settings > Holidays > Edit:
    • To add a holiday, enter the holiday name, holiday period and click Save.
    • To remove a holiday, click Remove against a particular holiday in the Holiday list panel on the right side.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I receive an order a day before or on one of the mentioned dates?

If the Estimated Ship Date (ESD) falls on any of the above-mentioned dates, then it will be automatically pushed to the next working day. For example, if you receive a standard Easy Ship order on January 25, then ideally the Estimated Ship Date (ESD) would have been January 26 but as January 26 is a Ship Holiday, the Estimated Ship Date (ESD) gets pushed to January 27 automatically.

Can I still schedule a pick-up if I am working on any of these dates?

Yes, pick-ups are supported on all these dates. You can schedule pick-up on any of these dates.

I plan to close my shop during these festivals because of which I would not be able to process any orders. What should I do?

To avoid orders from being late shipped or getting cancelled eventually, we suggest that you put your account on vacation to avoid inflow of new orders during this time.

Can you add or remove dates to this table?

We do not take requests for making changes to ship holidays identified in the table above.

Are the dates same across channels, such as Seller Flex?

No, the above table is restricted to Easy Ship. For queries around Seller Flex, please contact our Seller Support team.

Will I get returns on these dates?


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