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Cancellation Fee Refunds for Easy Ship or Self Ship Orders

If you have an Easy Ship or a Self Ship order which you think was cancelled due to a reason attributable to Amazon (For example: Could not schedule pickup due to tech issue, no one came for pickup etc.) and yet you have been charged with cancellation fee for that order, you can use the new guided workflow on Seller Central to claim fee refund for that order within 30 days of its cancellation. This will replace the existing process of contacting Seller Support and registering a case by sharing the order details.

What are the steps to claim cancellation fee refund?

To use the workflow on Seller Central, follow the below steps:

  • Log in to your Seller Central account and click Help.
  • Click Get support for a different issue.
  • Click Selling on Amazon. Click Or, browse for your issue in the menu link at the bottom of Selling on Amazon page.
  • Click Easy Ship or Self Ship orders --> Click Report Issue with Order Cancellation.
  • Manually enter Order ID (for which cancellation fee has been charged) in the text box and click Continue.
  • Select the applicable reason for which you want to claim the refund and hit Continue.

When will I get the refund decision?

You will likely see the refund decision (Approved/Rejected) regarding the order instantly. In case an instant decision is not available, a case will be created for investigation. For all such cases, we will get back to you within 5 business days through email with the result of the investigation.

When will refund amount be processed?

Once the refund is approved, it will reflect in your Seller Central Payments Tab within 15 business days and any negative impact on your selling account for such orders will be corrected.

What are the typical cases for which I can claim cancellation fee refund?

  • Not aware of how to ship the order: We will check your order fulfilment history and will accordingly approve or deny the request.
  • Not able to schedule pickup for the order due to a technical issue: We will check if your order faced any technical issue while scheduling and will accordingly approve or deny the request.
  • No one came to pick up the order: We will check with the logistics service provider if anyone attempted pickup for the order and will accordingly approve or deny the request.

What should I do if I have multiple order IDs for which I would like to claim cancellation fee refund?

If you have multiple order IDs for which you wish to claim a refund of the cancellation fee, please use the workflow for each of the order IDs one by one by following the steps mentioned above. For every order that you provide through the workflow, a unique case id specific to that order gets generated for tracking purpose. Kindly do not provide additional order ids on the cases generated through the workflow as they will not be processed.

Note: If any seller is found to have filed a fraudulent request to claim a refund of the cancellation fee in any form or manner, appropriate consequences may be levied (in Amazon's discretion) which may include blocking of the seller from raising any further requests for refund of cancellation fee for an indefinite period.

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