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This article applies to selling in: India

Packaging and labelling requirements for FBA pick-up service

Labelling guidelines

Dos and Don’ts

DO Printed MRP label should always be visible on outermost packaging. If there is any prep done for the product, stick a printed MRP label on top of it to make it clearly visible. Hand written tracking ID and MRP labels are not accepted.

Shipping label should be on good quality A4 size sticky paper. Non-standard size label makes the barcode non-readable and may lead to rejection of the shipment at the fulfilment centre. Only in the event that you are unable to procure A4 size sticky sheet, you may use a regular A4 size paper, but the barcode must be covered with a transparent tape for protection from damage during transit. QR codes on label should be scannable since unscannable labels may result in lost packages. The ship to address / from address should be visible/readable.

DO Shipping label should be stuck with transparent tape. QR codes on label should be scannable.

DO Insert the Delivery Challan that you print inside the box for compliance with GST Law (You can print by clicking on the Print Delivery Challan on the Prepare Shipment page).
DO Send exact quantities as mentioned in the shipment details and in the Delivery Challan. Do not send less or that could lead to shipment related suspensions.

DON’T Fold the Shipping label at the edge of the box/carton as it can result in lost packages.

Packaging guidelines

Dos and Don’ts


Weight of each box should be < 18 kg and dimensions should not exceed 70 cm x 70 cm x 45 cm.

Sending boxes more than 18 kg in weight or exceeding the dimension limits can be sent back to you due to our inability to process these further in the transportation network. (This is due to safety concerns for the transportation partner where each package must be lifted by a single person in the current climate).

DO Ensure that your weight and dimension descriptions are accurate. Under-declared weight will lead to Clawback of fees. It may also require you to come and pick up the package at an Amazon inventory node.
DON’T Open Box/Cloth Bags/Poly bags will not be picked up by ATS

DON’T Flimsy outermost carton can lead to damages. The outermost carton should be sturdy enough to handle transportation in India.
DON’T Do not send Hazardous material or Dangerous goods through FBA pick-up

DON’T Do not use tapes belonging to other competitors. You may use generic tapes / tamper-proof tapes

After you have completed your shipment, please give your box to the relevant delivery associate who arrives at your location on the appointed time.

Other details / things to keep in mind:

  • Only one visible barcode:- When it comes to labelling a unit, only 1 barcode should be visible on the unit. If a product has UPC/EAN printed and requires FNSKU label, then FNSKU label should cover the other barcodes. If multiple barcodes are available on the product, then it may be moved to unfulfillable as a Label issue defect. Please refer to FAQs for more details.
  • Printed barcodes:- FNSKU barcodes should be printed from Seller Central to avoid Unscannable Barcode problem. If you are using a third-party website, then it must be compliant with Code 128/GS1 barcode standard; which is used by Amazon at the fulfilment centre for all reprints, bin labels, B00 stickers, etc. This is also the barcode that third-party sellers are requested to use. Refer FBA Labeling Guidelines.
  • To avoid cases of “lost units in transit”, we recommend the usage of tamper-proof tape, a type of adhesive tape (red coloured) that leaves a text mark when someone attempts to open a box. You can use a regular tape to pack your boxes/cartons and paste the tamper-proof tape on all possible openings. One roll of tamper-proof tape can cover an average of 25+ cartons/boxes. Please ensure to press and paste the tape tightly so that they do not come off easily. Tamper proof tapes are strongly recommended for High Value Inbounds.
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