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FBA POD request guidelines for vendor return packages

What does this help page talk about?

This page provides you with reimbursement policies governing non availability of a proof of delivery for tracking IDs in a removal order ID.

What is a removal order ID and a tracking ID/Shipment ID?

A new removal order generates a removal order ID. To optimally process your removal orders, it is sometimes split and processed in multiple shipments. The split is governed by multiple factors such as the quantity, volume and weight of the inventory requested to be removed. Each of these shipments have a common removal order ID, unique shipment IDs and corresponding tracking IDs using which you can track the estimated delivery date for the respective shipment. The processing of your removal order can be considered complete if all shipments associated with your removal order have been delivered successfully.

Example: If you want to remove 100 units of ASIN B00XXXXXX for removal order xi2j96XXXX, it can be processed in two shipments, 12345XXXX and 5678XXXX respectively with each shipment containing 50 units of the product each.

When can sellers request for a POD?

It is best practice to check for a tracking ID on the respective carrier website to determine the status of the package. You should be using the information available on carrier website and tally the receipt of the respective package. In the event you are unable to confirm if the package was delivered to your facility, despite the tracking status reflecting as delivered on the carrier website, you can ask Amazon to furnish a POD with signature and seal. The window in which you can raise such POD requests is 7 days from the date the shipment delivery is promised by the carrier (“Carrier Delivery Date”). The Carrier Delivery Date will either be communicated by the seller or displayed on the relevant carrier’s website or otherwise tracked using the tracking information provided by the seller.

When is a seller entitled for a reimbursement?

If Amazon fails to furnish a valid POD with a signature or seal, you are entitled to a reimbursement for the shipments where Amazon has not been able to furnish the POD.

Note: A POD request raised by you will automatically mean that Amazon has not been able to deliver the shipment. POD requests raised for delivered shipments are taken up as exception requests and if Amazon is unable to furnish the necessary documents within the stipulated time-line, we will go ahead with reimbursement for the shipment in question. Failure to help you with POD will be considered as shipment lost by Amazon.

These POD requests should not interfere in our ability to service you and other sellers with the requested information.

What is the three strike rule?

In the event that you raise a claim for missing units and request us to share a POD (despite a carrier delivery date being available on the carrier website, if Amazon is able to share a valid POD (with seller sign or seal) with you, it would imply that the shipment was delivered. If we find three such requests where shipments were reported missing but a valid POD was provided, Amazon will make a note of such requests and will not entertain any future POD requests for you.

A maximum of two strikes are allowed for a seller account. If a third instance of raising an incorrect claim is noted, Amazon will not entertain any future requests for POD going forward. Ideally, if we were able to furnish a POD, it indicates that the delivery was successful and you should not have raised a POD request with us.

Example scenarios:

A given removal order ID xi2j96XXXX is split across 5 tracking IDs 12345XXXX, 5678XXXX, 7890XXXX, 3210XXXX and 6543XXXX respectively. If a seller is claiming to not have received all tracking IDs although these tracking IDs show as delivered on carrier website, Amazon will consider this request from seller as an exception and try procuring the POD

  • In the event that the tracking IDs in concern does not have a valid proof of delivery, seller is entitled for a reimbursement for the above mentioned tracking IDs.
  • In the event that 3 out of the 5 tracking IDs have a valid proof of delivery, Amazon will not entertain any more POD requests from seller.
  • In the event that only 2 out of the 5 tracking IDs have a valid proof of delivery, seller has reached the limit of 2 strikes. A future POD request will still be entertained in this case.

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