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Frequently Asked Questions on Form 16A certificate under Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) section 194-O of the Income Tax Act, 1961

What is a Form 16A certificate?

Form 16A certificate is a certificate of deduction of TDS for a person issued by Amazon on a quarterly basis in accordance with the Income Tax Act. These certificates provide details of TDS for various transactions between deductor (Amazon) and deductee (Seller).

What is the due date for the issue of these certificates?

Form 16A certificates are issued on a quarterly basis as per the due date prescribed in the Income Tax Act. The due dates are as follows:

Quarter Months Form 16A certificate due date
Quarter 1 April, May, June August 15
Quarter 2 July, August, September November 15
Quarter 3 October, November, December February 15
Quarter 4 January, February, March June 15

How can I download Form 16A certificate?

You can download the Form 16A certificate by clicking here or visit Reports > Tax Document Library > 194-O TDS Certificate.

However, Form 16A certificate will not be generated if you have not provided a PAN or the PAN provided on Seller Central is invalid.

Note: For Sellers with HUF/Individual PAN, who do not cross the INR 5 lakh threshold throughout the financial year, no TDS is deducted and Form 16A certificate is not issued. If the INR 5 lakh threshold is crossed, then TDS is required to be deducted for all the quarters of the financial year and Form 16A certificate is issued retrospectively for every quarter.

What details does the Form 16A certificate provide?

The following details are provided in the certificate:

  • Name, PAN, and TAN of Amazon
  • Name and PAN of the Seller
  • Nature of payment, amount paid and the date of the payment
  • Receipt no of the TDS payment
  • TDS rate applied by Amazon

How does the Form 16A certificate relate to Form 26AS?

Form 16A reflects the transactions that appear in form 26AS.

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