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Go Local Programme

Through the Go Local programme, set up your business in a new state by obtaining a Virtual Principal Place of Business and GST registration. To know more, please visit Register for Go Local.

How can I go local?

Register for Go Local using the self-serve flow

  • Please click on the FBA self-serve flow to begin your registration and select the state where you want to get registered, from the state drop-down list available
  • Select the Fulfilment Centres (FCs) where you want to send your FBA products
  • In the Business Details section, select I do not have GSTIN.
  • Check 'I need to apply for GST' and click on Continue.
  • On the Register Fulfilment Centre (FC) page, click on Make payment.
    Note: You will be redirected to the third-party payment gateway. Enter the payment transaction number to complete the lead generation and payment process.
  • Once the registration process is complete, you can start by uploading the GST certificate on Seller Central to get listed. Please click here to learn how.


Reach out to the Go Local team for any help that you need with the registration process.

You can also contact us on our toll-free number 18005721651 or send an e-mail to for any assistance.

How the model works

  • Engage with a tax consultant. A tax consultant is a third-party service provider who will help you with the registration process in a new state where you may not have a physical presence. The tax consultant can help to source commercial space on rent which will be treated as the Principal Place of Business (PPoB). The tax consultant can also represent and interact with government officials on your behalf.
  • The tax consultant provides services to help you to get your GST registration in a new state with your rented space as the PPoB and an Amazon fulfilment centre in that state added as an Additional Place of Business (APoB), so that you can ship your inventory directly to the Amazon fulfilment centres in the state.
  • During your GST registration process, you are required to coordinate with your tax consultant for all necessary documents and any other ancillary activities. If applicable, then please coordinate with your tax consultant/authorised representatives for physical verification of the place of business by GST authorities.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is VPPoB?

Virtual Principal Place of Business (VPPoB) is a virtual, rented commercial place where you can register to start a business in a new state where you do not have a GSTIN. This PPoB, for all purposes, serves as a virtual office for a seller.

Why should I get a VPPoB registration?

VPPoB allows you to obtain a GSTIN in a new state where you do not have a physical presence. In order to use FBA services from Amazon, you are required to have a Principal Place of Business (PPoB) in the state and add the Amazon fulfilment centre address as the Additional Place of Business (APoB) address to your GST certificate. This way, you can ship your inventory directly to the Amazon fulfilment centres in that particular state.

When I apply for VPPoB, can I register for APoB simultaneously

Yes, while applying for a new state GST registration, in your application, you can add the Amazon fulfilment centre in that state as your Additional Place of Business (APoB) simultaneously.

I already have a GST Registration certificate for another state. I need help with storing my products at the Amazon fulfilment centre in that state.

You need to follow the APoB process, where the required Amazon fulfilment centre needs to be added as the APoB on the GST certificate. Once you are safe-listed, you can start by sending your first shipment to the new Amazon fulfilment centre.

Where can I get the NOC certificate for the APoB?

To get the NOC certificate for states where you already have a registered GST, please follow the steps below:

  1. Login to Seller Central
  2. Go to Settings in the top right corner of the page
  3. Select Accounts Information
  4. Under Your Services, click on Manage
  5. Select Click here to add Fulfilment Centre to your account
  6. Click on Add Fulfilment Centre (FC) or Edit Fulfilment Centre (FC)
  7. In the Register Fulfilment Centres (FCs) tab, at the bottom of the page, click on the checkbox next to We agree to Amazon’s Services Business Solutions Agreement and confirm to a No Objection Certificate and download the NOC.

For states where you do not have a GST, please contact us at for the NOC, BSA, and other Fulfilment Centre (FC) related documents.

How do I ship my FBA goods to Amazon fulfilment centres across the country?

You can use Amazon Transportation Services to ship your goods to the Amazon fulfilment centres. For more information, please watch the videos listed below:

FBA Inbound Pick-up Service

FBA Shipment Creation Workflow

Where can I find information on how to stock inventory in FBA?

  1. Login to Seller Central
  2. Go to Inventory
  3. Select Manage FBA Inventory to learn about the stocks

Is there a separate charge for an APoB registration?

There is no separate charge for an APoB registration as the application for PPoB and APoB is filed together on the first attempt. The APoB charges are included in the VPPoB registration cost.

Who handles the payment for the Go Local registration?

The payment is made via Seller Central which redirects you to a third-party payment gateway. Enter the payment transaction number to complete the lead generation and payment process. You can also reach out to the tax consultant/Go Local team at for more details.

Who do I reach out to for any assistance regarding the Go Local programme?

You can contact us on our Toll-free number 18005721651 or send an e-mail to for any assistance.

Who are tax consultants?

As part of the Go Local programme, we will help you by connecting you to tax consultants.

This is the list of tax consultants recommended by Amazon:

Service Provider State Contact Number E-mail ID
Gandhar Business Solutions Pvt Ltd Karnataka 7413012300
Mevada & Co Gujarat 7043393931
CAAJIB Ecom services Haryana 9999872499
Tamil Nadu
Goyal Aniket & Associates Delhi 9827435588
Madhya Pradesh
H.K. Chitkara & Co. Delhi 8567056313
R.Harlalka & Co. West Bengal 9681353290
In.Corp Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd. Karnataka 74000 33307
West Bengal
KSA Compliance Services Pvt Ltd Tamil Nadu 9884346194
Parshotam and Associates Delhi 9878674699
Easy Works Delhi 9999664247
Ayurva & Associates Karnataka 8320017821
West Bengal
Madhya Pradesh
Tamil Nadu
Note: The service providers, available to assist you, are independent persons/organisations and are not representatives of Amazon in any manner whatsoever. You may choose to enter into a contractual arrangement with the service provider and the same will be to the exclusion of Amazon. Further, Amazon does not make any kind of representation on behalf of the service providers or the quality of service provided, and the service providers shall be solely responsible to you for the quality, scope and pricing of the service(s) offered to you.

Can I opt out of the programme whenever I want?

If you want to opt out of the programme, then you are required to notify your tax consultant and Amazon. You are also required to ensure that the PPoB location is changed to a new location or cancel your state GST registration.

What are the documents required for VPPoB?

Document requirements vary from state to state. The tax consultant will share the list of documents with you once the lead is raised with them.

Once the certificate is generated, how can I get listed and launched?

You can get your registered state's fulfilment centres safe-listed through the APoB seller registration workflow. After being safe-listed, you can send shipments to the Amazon fulfilment centre.

Is an FSSAI document required for sellers who handle food products?

Yes, an FSSAI licence is a premises-based licence. As a seller who is selling on Amazon, you need a separate FSSAI licence for each interstate and intrastate fulfilment centre.

VPPoB Renewals:

What should I do if I am already registered under the Go Local programme and want to continue?

  1. Get in touch with your respective tax consultant and renew your registration.
  2. Share a copy of your renewal with the FBA team for their reference. You can confirm your status with the FBA team by emailing us at

What should I do if I want to opt out of the Go Local programme but want to change my Principal Place of Business address and continue selling through Amazon State fulfilment centres?

Send us an e-mail with the updated GST certificate, that includes the amended PPoB details, to

What should I do if I want to unsubscribe from the Go Local programme?

To unsubscribe from the Go Local programme:

  1. Please clear all your unsold inventory from the Amazon fulfilment centre located in the state by creating removal orders.
  2. Once you complete step 1, initiate the cancellation of state GST registration by yourself, an authorised representative or the GST service provider on the GST portal, and submit a copy of the ARN by emailing us at

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