Safe T claim denying


Safe T claim denying and amazon said based on your history and pattern of your safe t claim and as per the term n condition of safe t claim, we are denying your claim…?? what is this.


We don’t know why they are denying our claim and when we ask for reason they reply their copy paste reply of due to unoccasional event… what to do ??
is amazon is in debt that why denying the claim


We have talked to seller support team about the same issue , Safe-t-claim team do not provide POD before OTP was introduced for return now they are rejecting each and every different item or product received on return by sharing same HISTORY based copy paste answer. Approx. Rs. 1 lakh worth of products has been lost due to this.


Can any one tell us… why they are denying safe-t claim… don’t giving any reason


Even i am facing the same issue. Without any reasons they are rejecting my claims . What should i do can anyone suggest ?


I am also facing same issue. They have not given claim of even one product in past one month. Seems like these are out of funds and want to shift the burden of customer and courier thefts on us. Not possible to sell here.


From seller central we come know that you can only raised safe t of 4%of your total number of order received .what is this ??

Fwe have observed from past 15-29 days our return ratio is increased and buyer playing smartly with Amazon policy we are receiving different products not as per our catalogue also getting half of item not as per images and we have video clip of each incorrect product we received from Amazon than to safe t getting how to buildup trust over Amazon buyer because we seller suffering Amazon not giving us any solution on it .

Now law and order is only solution to approach…


They will sell the amazon very soon now we think flipkart is better amzon


The only way to fight with Amazon we have to raise a petition in court for the same. Seller are loosing their money and buyer playing safe. Or you can also play with Amazon by becoming buyer and do exactly what buyer are doing with you people.

Thanks & Regard


Hello Fellow sellers

Even I am facing the same issue all claims are simply getting rejected. The site has high number of fraud buyer’s and amazon is doing nothing.

Yes the burden is passed to sellers like us. Thats why amazon is still not able to take over ebay on global platform.

I wish domestic platforms soon starts so than tata bye to amazon and retarded policy



Dear Fusion_Fashin

Please be extra caution when dealing with ATS connect India. Blood chor staffing they have recently I was been scammed by them. As per mail there were suppose to be 8 shipment under OTP. The delivery boy got only six shipment and said only six will be updated and he scanned all 8 shipment in his mobile app and asked for OTP.

Inorder to deal with this please ask the delivery boy to scan single shipment at a time. Enter OTP and asked to scan another. In this manner it will only have actual shipment status which is returned to you.

Its shame to see amazon been global eCommerce player have such unprofessional low standard third party logistic tie up.



Why Amazon is Charging me the Listing Fees? It deviate my costing why this hidden cost has not been mentioned while joining the amazon


Amazon is playing very smartly. We all sellers are paying to amazon for fake customers and the Worst thing is that Amazon know all about this customer fraud.

I think it is high time to switch to another eCommerce site from amazon.


Even i called amazon that why amazon is denying claims is that we can only raised safe t of 4%of your total number of order received

They said we don’t no…

I have suffered loss due to amazon… buyer send different product, buyer opened sealed product and safe-t is not giving compensation, even if product is damaged by ATS they deny claim…

What to do… we suffer from product damage, return courier charge, and 20% of amazon fee charge…

Don’t understand how can fight for this issue


yes i am also facing this issue
they are cheating us.
they doing froad with us.


same situation here amazon and fake buyer playing with our monry


eBay was never a competition To AMAZON
or else it would not have sold its INDIAN Branch to Flipkart and subsequently closed down
try to be correctly informed .


yes i have faced same issue regarding this.

but what i have done is contacted seller support and mailed my issue of

my claim is in process now.

hope this will help you.



What kind of claim you raised on safe-t… and what is the no of claims you are getting… is non of your claims has been rejected by amazon from last two months


1 out of 3 claim is rejected but i received a goods for that rejected claim also.