What is a good ACOS in amazon advertising?


Amazon advertisng-

I have 3 campaigns running on my products, the ACOS is 30%. I deal in womens handbags, so I wanted to know if the ACOS of 30% is good or I need to manage my campaign.


It depend on your profit margin/profit %. It should be below the acos %.


A good ACoS is to be determined on what are your sales goals.

CASE 1: If your listing is new in amazon
In this case you might want to put more ACoS (upto 60%) to increase your sales velocity and product rank and product reviews inturn, this higher ACoS will ensure that your organic ranking also improves. This might lead to negative profit percentage but then you want to increase your product ranking as well.

CASE 2 : When your product has a better product rating and is listed high in organic ranking
In this case you would want to reduce your ACoS to as much as possible. may be less than 20% is also achievable given how well the product is priced.

All of this requires competitor research and vigilant alterations in listing price to keep winning the buybox and keep up sales.

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Well, 20% looks high. I think under 10% or 8% more appropriately can be consider a good amount of ACOS even for newer products also.

I have more than 10 campaigns active now and somehow I am trying to manage them below 10% or around it. Next target to stick around 8%.


A good ACOS is achievable with the right strategy and understanding of how amazon advertising works.

In case of Sponsored Products, 10% can be considered as good and below it is best. but in case of Sponsored Brands, 10% is too high. You can achieve around 6% with simple steps and strategy.

Definetly you will face ACOS struggle for newer products, but conversion will not be that difficult if you listing is good.


How many sales do you generally require to build ‘sales velocity’. For new sellers like me, we buy very few units to test. Now this is not high enough to build any velocity.
Do you have any insights? Also, ACOS of 10% is awesome. I generally hear that around 30% is good enough


Please help me to increase my sales and to decrease the ACOS…Recently I got my 1st sale only but ACOS gone 80%. I’m a new seller and not getting sales. Noone even from Amazon helps me


Shall you please give me some ideas to control ACOS under 15%-10%.


Please suggest how you manage to maintain ACOS under 10%.


To maintain ACOS under 10% you need to create negetive keywords in campaign from search engine or manually… Report…
if your product shown in different keywords then you loss order against customer click…
So right keyword is key of good ACOS…


@K.T_COLLECTION, @Winterfell_Ventures

The two most important factors to be kept in mind are
Adgroup Formation
Many of the seller try to add all the products within the same adgroup, which is completely wrong strategy. You will not be able to control your keywords in that case.

Negative Keyword
Try to add as much negative keywords in phrase and exact form to the ad groups. The more you will add, the more you will be restricting amazon to show your product to irrelevant customers.

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