FBA Refund Reason Undeliverable shipping address


Yes fraud sellers are increasing day by day and amazon is not bringing the fair policy for both buyers ans sellers


Yes amazon is hiding the fake adresses bcoz they are earning from this undeliverable system they are paying delivery boys salaries and taking from.sellers very bad policies


Thats is the main point… They got the revenue from this… And avail to customer for free delivery… If things going to be continued amazon India will be finished. No body will sell anything.

I already closed my all listings.


I am facing the same problem… Amazon just say that they will refund above 8 % of undeliverable shipping address parcels…
But the problem is really deep… when you look at your account sales and the amount you are getting reimbursed… there is a wide gap of nearly 50% to 60%… most of the parcels in FBA orders are undeliverable due to wrong address and it is really burning the sellers pocket…

Rather than banning account of ungenuine buyers why dont amazon put up a dedicated team to look after each and every order and confirm the buyer about the shiping address… That will really help…

Thats a suggestion



I am not sure why Amazon should do this. Flipkart does not charge for courier return. This discussion group has been open for months now. Is there anyone from Amazon really taking action on this?


Sir the dilevery man not comed to my shop for pickup the product so why it was my fault


After going too much loss during unrealistic Customer rejection, and unbelievable return comments, I am fed up to sale in on Amazon.
So finally made that decision to stop selling on Amazon. Because Amazon dosenot care even there sellers. Claims are there for only show off nobody on there to justify any case they are based electronic message .

I would like to recommend every sellers who are getting loss and think that one day everything gonna be all right , dude you are wrong you will be finished . If want to live then close your account now.


Hi, have you tried any of this refund softwares?


yes me too facing this same problem .and second buyer send return request or amazon gave refund to buyer but where is product no one know . seller support says to me wait 45 to 60 days than you take any action . 45 to 60 days is so high waiting time to seller, when seller have to wait 60 days so why refund to buyer soon. seller support not telling us ,whats is problem with item or where it is ???


At our location we are hearing rumours of courier team foul play …
courier person donot attempt delivery seriously …


I talked to one customer who paid in advance but shipment got returned in between. Reason from Amazon was undeliverable shipping address that too in Kolkata middle. Amazon person didnt even called customer for delivery and sent material back. There may be few chances of fake customers but this is more of a revenue generating trick. But we feel helpless as 90% of the cases are like that and seller support working as computer scripts doesnt listen.


I get multiple COD orders which are returned back without opening because of undeliverable shipping address or customer not available to pickup order. This is frustrating as these customers place orders and are not even interested in paying for the orders. I think it’s not just Amazon to blame but the customers or the platform which Amazon is making them available. I am looking at ways to stop COD orders, even if that impacts my orders rates. It hurts when a order comes back without any message or feedback from customer. I think if customer has placed orders and if its not getting delivered, then Amazon should pay for the cost of Packaging & Printing at the minimum. AMAZON should be generous enough to spend 10-20 Rs. for each order which is returned without even opening the package. #COD=Return


Yes. In my case courier team didnt contacted customer and returned.


So did you stop selling on Amazon?


Looks like their logistics partners & process still need to evolve. besides the policies,

Also its not profitable with FBA for a low margin product.


Yes. I have experienced -"Item rejected by you! "
How can a seller reject ?
Amazon pl take care


Yes they are cheating, and we are not willing to use FBA anymore.


We too face the same kind of problem, more than 90% of refunds are because of Undelivered shipping address only


Why fba is not safe?..Mine was glasses… Yesterday only I sent to FBA…I am afraid of damage…


“You” refers to the customer. It shows us what the customer sees.