FBA Refund Reason Undeliverable shipping address


Yes, True , We should do something about this


Same Problem, further the order on Amazon has drastically reduced !!!


Amazon should either charge the buyer for changing their mind or should pay that expense out of their own pocket. In no way it is our fault as sellers.

FBA is complete Fraud.

Email on : jeff@amazon.com


This is right. It is now Amazon responsibility. When the book is not supplied then Amazon charge
penalty to the seller why then?


we should all unite and stop selling on amazon for long time till our policies are not met


FBA is a big loss ! Firstly no extra shipping fee can be charges then it will be adjusted from the sale price & above that huge refunds & less profit.

But the main issue is that Amazon only shows listing that are FBA / Prime above other general product shippd through Easy Ship !

What to do ?


Same item being returned several times & no assurance that whether is it being accepted in proper condition on return at the time of return & again being shipped to someone else & being returned.

Its a vicious cycle of loss in money as well as loss of product quality due to so many returns. But Amazon still reaps profit in all these cases !

Very soon planning to call back all inventory from FBA & focus on other marketplaces especially since return policy has been updated to 30 days for sunglasses.

Total loss to business !


Shipping by self atleast ensures that the product is returned in proper condition or not & whether claim has to be filed or not for its loss.

At FBA we don’t get to know anything whether that product in what quality was returned & re-shipped.

because it happened with me only since I am on FBA that a product is being returned 4 times !

Never happened on Easy ship. Because seller is concerned about his product. Why should Amazon worry about it when it can make profit on that product return several times without product being sold actually to anyone !


same thing happen with me.


Same problem. We are fed up with the returns! Unable to make decent profits despite working so hard!


Yes. This can be the reason. But returns are very costly for sellers, especially us as majority of our products are oversized and the returned cost is debited to our account. Amazon should try to find a solution to this problem.


Not possible. It is a platform which attracts crores of customers, you pull out your products and its only your loss and not Amazons.


Any Solution to reduce this loss??


Same here. Lot of Undeliverable shipping address returns.
When we ship through 3rd party couriers they do multiple attempts of delivery. Amazon does not seem to do that. Also for a lot of buyer returned / rejected orders - where buyer does not even open the package the return reason is errorneously mentioned as - underliverable shipping address. Whereas the true reason is ‘Buyer rejected’ - which can be seen in the return reports.
Another irritating one is - ‘Missed fullfilment promise’ - I am using FBA, so amazon is responsible for fulfillment. If you are not able to keep the promise, why are you charging us (the sellers) . 20% of the Amazon referal fees are retained (not returned by Amazon to sellers) for all these returns. Whether it is buyer return/ undeliverable shipping address or missed fulfillment promise. Why are sellers being penalized for Amazon / Customer’s fault !!


Amazon Generates fakes Order to all Buyer and company always gain profit through shipping charges…they generates fake orders and when they are in transit amazon return these order to seller and status always updated address not deliverable…all shopping sites companies always do these types of frauds


yes same problem here
the fault is easyship and charge cut seller


yes. its exactly true. It was driving me crazy. I thought something wrong with my product. Here everyone is facing the same issue.
But I recently received an email saying they will reimburse for undelivered shipments but so far i didnt receive any reimbursements.



same problem …customer didn’t even open the pack and given the reason that they refunding bcz of damage product… its very difficult for seller like us who sales office stationery product. bcz in this category mergin is very low… one return means loss of 3-4 product profit


Yes we too face this problem


EAsy shipment fees Refundable on Undeliverable shipping address