FBA Refund Reason Undeliverable shipping address


We have facing same issue. refund Undeliverable shipping address.


Same problem with us


im not sure why you have been charged for undelivered products according to the policy of amazon seller will only be charged for customer return. please talk to the support guys in this case undelivered charges are been refund with in 18 days


Dear D_JazZ,
Mr Rahul is right. Amazon delivery guys use this reason by default.
I have had customers giving me the actual reason when i interact with them but on the portal it shows “Undeliverable shipping address”.
This is an amazon problem and they should do something to fix it


I face this issue with self ship also…


We have not yet encountered this issue. But from the past experience this case is not very common. I think this happening to you only.


I think they cut some charge from the refund, dont they return that to the sellers ?


Is there any way to check this like call the buyer and check ?


the one side curior charg and packaging material cost is a loss in every return for MFN fullfiled orders.


Same exact issue here, shipped 78 orders and returned 20 due to undeliverable address but shipping cost duly charged


Same Problem, we are face. So please take action amazon against this issue.


even OLA/UBER cabs are charging cancellation charges if a customer cancels the ride by its own then why amazon is charging sellers. if amazon starts charging cancellation charges for buyer cancels/rejects the orders, it will helps in cutting down the unnecessary returns, customer rejections without any reason, fake orders placing and used and damage products return after so many days of delivery of the products.


I have stopped shipping through FBA as it is irritating to see undeliverable shipping address as an issue. If a customer returns the product, it’s fine. There is one more issue with the FBA… Customer damaged products are hard to claim.


Yes. We are getting same kind of response for the COD orders.


Actually Same issue with me as most of all order were refunded due to undeliverable address & best part is after 10 days same product same address same buyer & it got delivered. Not sure what miracle happend in 10 days & why it was not delivered as 1st attempts ?

Also do they charge on seller whenever it was not delivered ?


Yes, for me as well, 80-90% orders are “Rejected by Buyer” and then “Undeliverable”. For every order I am losing almost Rs.78.


Yes !!
Very easy way to get rid of this.
Just Leave FBA services.


yeha its true seller will not pay for it


Dear Fellow sellers
I am new seller on Amazon , launched in October 2017 , I made no sale till Dec’2017 , and my sale shoot up in mid of December 2017 ,

Amazon has first suspended my account on jus 2-3 fake complaints of inauthenticity of product , last month ,i.e. in March 2018 , and asked for POA , I have been even taking professional SPN help also , and almost attempted 4 times minimum and changed 3 SPN , these all SPN s were refred by Amazon itself , but even after taking professional services and sending POAs along with future inventory invoices , Amazon sending the same mails again and again , that do nt want to reinstate my account , also don not provide any reason for the same …

Here , it is clear of few points , How Amazon is cheating , Exploiting and fooling sellers :

Amazon suspends the Account , moment the new sellers sale shoots up In 2 to 3 months , and amount becomes atleast 2 to 4 lkhs . Thus , Amazon suspends the seller s account and blocks the Payment ,
This way , Amazon earns lot of rate of interest for itself , as by suspending lakhs of accounts like mine , the money is huge say almost estimated 50 to 60 crore rupees per day , so they earn huge rate of interest ,

As sellers we have to take spn services and pay them for Reinstatement , which Amazon doesn’t really do that , and send same idiotic copy paste mails , that they have decided not to reinstate the account and can not explain the reason also …the seller spends money on SPN , so , Amazon makes seller spend money on these spn , which is useless , and earn huge rate of interest by blocking the seller s money .

it is also clear , that since Amazon writes idiotic mails without telling and specifying the reason of not reinstating the seller s account and deliberately suspending the accounts without investigation , on some random cheat buyers who take advantage of 30 days return policy , and file return after 24 to 25 days of product purchase and make fake complaints of authenticity , Amazon ignores the 100 positive reviews and satisfied buyers , but suspends account on jus 2 to 3 complaints and on top of it , even after making constant 4 to 5 attempts , Amazon denies to reinstate the account ,jus to earn the rate of interest by blocking sellers payment till 90 days ,

That says and clearly depicts the true ill and cheating intentions of Amazon ,

Hence , this is clear ,

That Amazon not only exploits the sellers but cheat and fool them , if Amazon s intentions are good , then they must specify the reason to seller for not reinstating the account .

I really feel , that Amazon must be kicked out of our country and Govt of India and also Trump must take some good action against this cheating and fraudster company and kick these fraud people hard out of the country and teach them a good lesson .

Also , want to tell all the new sellers , kindly be careful , as it is fixed , that after 2 to 3 months of your account , Amazon will suspend it habitually no matter what and will never reinstate it , no matter how many SPN and professional you hire , the moment your sale picks up to good money earning.


This is height of exploiting the sellers , first they charge too high commission , and then seller has to pay GST , then the 30 days return policy , where most of the time buyers take undue advantage of the same ,

It’s good to benefit buyers but not at the cost of exploiting and cheat sellers like this ,

Everything has its limit , if Amazon created monopoly in the e commerce market , it’s because of consumers and sellers like us ,

Our very own Indian market places stand no where now ,

And if public can get Amazon at this place then the day is not far away , when same public will kick Amazon also from the country …

It’s been a height , and it’s the end time of Amazon now , so much the sellers are fed up of these people ,

Amazon has to now see its end from India very soon