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My account is suspended due to “item not as advertised” and "damage defective item "
My Action plan

We have analysed our whole inventory and gone through all the buyer return comments

  1. There was issue with images of some ASIN and description was incomplete due to which buyer were not able to judge the product.
  2. some ASIN contained only one image , so buyer were not able to judge the product design. this lead to returns
  3. we had not checked product condition before shipping, so some customer might have received damaged product.

Steps to fix the issue:
1.we removed the incorrect images and added proper images. so that buyer can judge the product easily. this will minimize return
2.we have written complete product description and other details which are important for buyer to know
3. we have assigned one staff to check the quality of product before packing the item.
4. We have gone through all our warehouse inventory and have taken out all items that show any signs of damage or defectiveness

We will make sure that buyer gets only positive experince when buying from us. We are looking forward for a positive response from you.
Thank you.

Can any senior seller tell me, is this enough, any mistakes in this, or please give your feedback. I have not sent it yet



Thank you for writing to Amazon India Seller Discussion Forums.

We really appreciate upon your preparation of a plan of action regarding the account suspension and would request you to review the same and send it to

I am sure you will receive a positive revert from them.

Hope the above information helps.


Well i am not a senior seller,but still will ask you to post the email from performance team,so that i/we seller’s can help you in reinstating your account



We have removed your Amazon selling privileges because of buyer complaints about the items they received from you. Please see below for some examples of the listings we have received complaints about:

Complaint Type: Item Not As Advertised
ASIN:B016N1MZXY, B016N12E0, B06N31EPC and B01XUYLT4, B018X2X64

Complaint Type: Damage and Defective Item
ASIN: B01N31K7E, B06WR054A, B018X2X64 and B01B9L9ZS

To maintain a trusted marketplace for buyers and sellers, we take immediate action when we identify a buyer complaint regarding the condition and authenticity of products. You can view previous emails about buyer complaints in the Customer Metrics section of Seller Central (

What you can do

If you would like your selling privileges reinstated, respond to this message with a plan of action that includes the following:

  1. Description of the issues that caused the complaints.
  2. Explanation of the steps you have taken to resolve the issues and ensure that similar complaints won’t happen again.
  3. Any additional details you would like us to know.

To find more information on how to submit your plan of action, search “Appeal the Removal of Selling Privileges” in Seller Central Help.

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I sent them plan of action 3 times, but i still get same email from them. They want more information about action plan. I dont understand what more information they need. Anybody please give me feedback for my action plan, what should i include.

This is what i have emailed them-
Causes of Complaints-

  1. Some of the listings did not have complete product description.
  2. Some of the listings did not have proper and clear images.
  3. Item might have got damaged while shipping due to average packaging material.
  4. We were not regularly checking the product quality while packing the order, due to this buyer might have received damaged product.

Plan of Action-

  1. We have added complete and accurate description for ASIN B01EI78OO B016NMZXY B01CIC9PW B016N12E0 B016W054A and B018XX2X4
  2. We have changed the images for ASIN B01EVAZCI B01G5DUMM B06N31EPC and B0AIGPEHY.
  3. We have deleted the ASIN B01EIYVUI B01EI9TZK B01EI9ROS B07INUY3Y which might lead to poor customer experience.
  4. We have removed all the damaged products from our inventory.
  5. We have arranged high quality packing material to avoid damage during shipping.
  6. We have assigned one staff for regularly checking the product quality while packing the order, so that buyer will not received damaged item or incomplete item.

I thank you for taking the time to review my plan of action.


Dear Seller,

Thank you for writing back.

The plan of action needs to have the order specifics.

  1. Actions that you have taken
  2. What different action you are going to take?
  3. How are you going to avoid?
    4, How are going to ensure that all the listings are matching website?

It needs to be very detailed precise.



What were the product that you were selling

Amazon will not suspend your account unless and until you have breached your seller performance matrix or the products being sold are counterfeits

Can you please elaborate what products are you selling


We are selling clothing accessory items. we sell them under our own brand name. there was no counterfeit complaint from any buyer. But we had 2 warning for copyright issue. They have not mentioned about this in suspension mail Should i write about this also in POA.
Also is there any necessary to talk about orders id returned by buyers in POA.


Dear Seller,

Thank you for writing back.

Yes, you can mention the same and also inform us on how you are going to keep a track of every offer that is going to be added from your end.

If the buyers have raised quality issues on the item that you have sold, what is the action that you are going to take as a brand owner and how are you going to avoid them.



I have sent them this POA today

Dear Seller Performance team,

I understand that more information is needed regarding my plan of action for “Not as advertised item”.

Root Cause Analysis-

  1. Some of our listings did not have full and clear details of the product description leading to customers ordering an incorrect item or believing it was not as advertised.
  2. Images were not accurate for few listings resulting in buyer ordering incorrect item.

Plan Of Action to avoid such complaints in future:

  1. We have already removed all remaining inventory of items which can further cause misunderstanding among buyers and become a reason for complaints.
  2. We have audited all of our inventory and ASIN pages to ensure that the products are 100% identical to the ASIN description, title, photo, and bullet points.
  3. We have de-listed any items which are not 100% accurately described on the ASIN page.
  4. If we get any complaint from buyer for any listing, we will immediately remove it and buyer will be given full refund.
  5. Listings which had copyright issue, has been deleted.
  6. We have assigned one staff for regularly checking the item while packing it, so that buyer receives correct item.

We have already implemented above mentioned steps and will make sure that such complaints will not come again. We will pay careful attention to product reviews and act on review comments which flag up any problems

Thank you.


Im still getting same reply from them. They want more information about “not as advertised”.
What am I missing in POA?


Dear Seller,

Thank you for writing back.

Please mention about revising the listings and adding only the ones which match the website.

Collate the orders where you have received complaints as not advertised and mention what caused these or how your product was different and what is action that you are going to take, such as deleting the listing, editing the listing etc.



@ sneha, now are asking for more information about “damaged item” I have provided POA for it 3 times before, then asked only for “item not as advertise”. they are not reading my POA. Can you check with seller performance team. what is missing here.

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