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please confirm how to complete my first order.


Hello Surprise Gifts,

Please follow the process below to ship your order using Amazon Easy Ship:

  1. Log in to Seller Central using your seller ID and password.

  2. Click Manage Orders under the Orders tab.

  3. On the Manage Orders page, click the Schedule Pickup button for the order you want to ship using Amazon Easy Ship.

Note: All orders that can be delivered by Amazon Easy Ship will have the Schedule Pickup button next to them and the delivery of those orders have to be processed through Amazon Easy Ship only. Once your order is picked up by Amazon Logistics, the shipment gets automatically confirmed and you do not need to reconfirm your shipment. For the remaining orders which are not covered by Amazon Easy Ship, you would have to use an alternate carrier, and confirm shipment once you have shipped the product.

  1. On the Package Details page, verify the product(s), enter your invoice number for the order and enter the package weight and dimensions (use the package dimensions of the outer-most shipping box, and weigh the package with all packing materials included). Also verify that you are shipping all items in a single box by selecting the check-box and click Continue.

  2. On the Shipping Services page, select the date and time range during which you want the package picked up. Click Continue.

  3. On the Confirm Shipping page, verify that the shipping details are correct. Shipment information and Amazon Easy Ship fees are displayed on the page. After verification, click the Schedule Pickup button. Please note that Fee is calculated based on the package weight and dimensions that you entered. Please refer to the fee card and examples to understand how fee is calculated:

  1. On Shipping Label page, the shipping label is displayed on the left side of the page. To print the label, click the Print Shipping Label button. To generate the packing slip, click the Print Packing Slip link. If for some reason you are not able to print the shipping label, go back to the Order Details page and click the Reprint Label button that appears above the shipment.

  2. Please check if your shipment requires any regulatory forms mandated by State governments of both pickup and delivery location. You have to provide these forms, if required, to the Delivery Associate at the time of pickup for each order. You can refer to the below mentioned page to check which pickup and delivery States require regulatory forms:

  3. At the time of pickup, hand over the package to the Delivery Associate with Shipping Label pasted on it. Also provide the invoice and regulatory forms (if required) to the Delivery Associate. You can keep the Packing Slip inside or outside the package for the buyer.

  4. After your item is picked up by Amazon Logistics, your shipment is automatically confirmed. You don’t have to explicitly confirm shipment for your Amazon Easy Ship orders.

Once your shipment is picked up by Amazon Logistics, we do the following:

  • Credit your seller account for the order for both Prepaid and COD orders
  • Send a shipping confirmation email to the buyer
  • Update your order and the customer’s account with the shipping information so that the customer can view and track the shipment status online

Note: Currently, Amazon Easy Ship Pickup covers 39 cities and delivery covers more than 100 cities across India. You can refer to the below mentioned Help page to download the list of pincodes currently covered by Amazon Easy Ship Pickup & Delivery service.

Important Information:

  • Please note that if you are registered on Amazon Easy Ship, whenever the buyer is ordering from the area which is covered under Amazon Easy Ship delivery range then the Amazon Easy Ship Pick-up service will be enabled for that particular order.
  • Amazon Easy Ship currently does not support the use of different packages for separate parts of a single order. A single order cannot be split into multiple packages.
  • Amazon Easy Ship also does not support splitting a shipment into multiple shipments or pickups. A single order cannot be split into multiple shipments.
  • Products weighing more than 9 kgs or crossing the approved dimensions of 50cm x 35cm x 30cm cannot be shipped using Amazon Easy Ship.
  • Currently, Amazon Easy Ship only supports a single carrier and service type. The time-slot window closes 30 minutes prior to the next pickup slot. For example,
    sellers will not be able to choose the 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. time-slot after 8:30 a.m. of the same day. Pickups cannot be scheduled on Sundays.

We hope the information was helpful to you.

If your issue is not resolved, please [Contact Seller Support|].

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