Many orders of return is stolen by courier boy


I’m facing same issue many orders of return courier didn’t give us return my packages and stoled approx 20 packets, pls give me ur contact no. we have to filed an FIR complaint against amazon, pls contact me @7503960989,
ofcourse i have some proofs like POD with location which are fake, and i also raise raise an issue with amazon, safe-t-review team and seller performance team but didn’t get any reply.
so pls contact me and we should recover our many losses.


Do you have CCTV at the locations where you receive the orders if not install one and ensure the returned orders are open in that same location and whole process is recorded under CCTV, this will give you the proof you need.

Also not if you file an FIR most probably Amazon will find an excuse to suspend your account incase you are ready for the same, take the cctv footage and file a FIR of robbery at the nearest police station

Before that i suggest send the details to Amazon though i doubt they will take any action.

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if courier boy didn’t come to give me back my package and take away to his home, and showed he returned the packages, so what is the benefit of CCTV.

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