FBA Refund Reason Undeliverable shipping address


Yes this happens in case of mobiles mostly.


yes…the same problem…and they charge for it …Flipkart never charge courier return…



I also facing same problem. But, Don’t know how to overcome this problem.



I think it is with every one, On us it is 85 to 90% returns in FBA have the title of Undeliverable shipping Address. Doesn’t provide sense.


Common problem: FBA Shipment is Undeliverable shipping address


Same Problem with us. And while Goods are also getting damage. All hassle has to be also beared by us.


TOO many orders are getting returned with the same reasons" undeliverable" … i m getting charged for this…


Even i am facing the same problem with this and it is very irritating and apart from this their pickup guy always take 4 to 5 days to pickup from my location because of this the order got canceled every time :triumph:


I am also facing same issue


and apart from refund seller has to bear the shipping charges unnecessarily.


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Yes, I’m a beginner in this e-commerce field and faced the same issue as mentioned, out of my total sales number 30% refund reason on FBA shipment is Undelivered shipping address.
Is it a dummy sales generated automatically to represent sale volume increase to seller ? Is it an issue generated from BUYER ? Is it so then Amazon should take the responsibility either charge penalty the buyer for changing their mind or should pay that expense out of their own pocket in case of COD orders. In no way it is our fault as sellers. As well as at FBA we don’t get to know anything whether that product in what quality was returned. No information shared to sellers.
Facing loads of issues on FBA … need to think further.


Yes, I am also facing same problem.
80% returns order’s reason is undelivered shipping address.


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me too same. i am getting return due to undelivered.


Amazon is looting the helpless sellers, who do not have any union or forum to raise their voice against their unethical business practices. shame on these dirty businessmen.


we are loosing so much, How to reduce this loss??


its just because ats ,they don go deliver products,i got so many return that saying refused by customer and i thousand ,its possible but when my two customer gave me feedback that nobody came to deliver the product when i called back to them i got shocked they said nobody came to deliver the product…its just scam by ats


Yes Team,
more than 50% of refunds are because of Undeliverable shipping address only and it hurts


Tradelink salle faces this problem…