FBA Refund Reason Undeliverable shipping address


but according to the new policy of the amazon 8 percent of the total returned order’s return charges will be borne by the seller and after 8 percent all the return charges will be borne by the amazon itself


We are also facing the same issue same problem here. more than 90% of refunds are because of Undeliverable shipping address only and it charges us around 70+ Rs for each refund which wipes off the profit of other sold items and

we have average 5+ order in a day and more than 4+ order is status is " Undeliverable shipping address"

and one other issue when any order Undeliverable shipping address than we are received different Product than how can possible we are received different Product and why Amazon pickup person why not check at the time of pickup the material.

Neeraj Chauhan
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I simply dont understand that when a customer returns a product on Amazon for whatsoever reason, why does Amazon charge a marketplace fee on such returns ? After all these orders will be sold again after return to some other customer & Amazon will earn marketplace commission on it. Means : Sale Amount = 0 but commission earned is full by Amazon for 0 sale value actually !!! And if a product is returned many times then same commission amount will be earned several times by Amazon on 0 sale values !!! What is this logic ? Commission only should be deducted when a sale is done successfully & item not returned !

When an item is not delivered then too they charge the shipping cost on Amazon fulfilled orders … Either add shipping fee on amazon prime orders too so that sellers dont have to bear loss of fake orders … THis is just a way of demoting sellers due to fake buyers … Which buyer just wants to have his money deducted for orders that are not delivered & waste packaging cost too after returns ! Flipkart has recently adopted policy of charging “0” to sellers for orders which are not delivered ! At least plz adopt that much for sellers so that sellers dont have to bear loss of undelivered orders due to fake buyers…


Because returns can never be just thought of as sole seller fault … There is a huge bunch of buyers online who just order for fun & still return order even if everything in order delivered was as in description …



Why is Amazon promoting its 30 DAYS FREE RETURNS POLICY on the cost of SELLERS money ??? If they actually want to promote such policies they should bear its loss !!!

Its just luring customers on its free returns policy on the cost of seller’s money & causing them huge loss !!!

Why does it not behave as a neutral entity in such case ? Either in first place dont offer such return policy OR dont charge sellers for returns OR take these charges to yourself if still wish to promote such free returns policy !!!



I just want to REQUEST AMAZON TO ADOPT 1 POLICY AS BELOW & keep all its existing policies as they are if they cant change them :

“0 amount charged to SELLERS on UNDELIVERED & RETURN ORDERS !”

Already sellers bear loss of packaging on returns & undelivered orders especially with low profits on Prime, because if we dont sell on Prime then there is no product visibility. Its just becoming like a trap that first you will have to go into Prime … and then be ready for undelivered orders … returns … which increases suddenly after opting in Prime … why do you guys want to destroy & loose your long term genuine sellers who are here to earn profit & not go into losses ?

When you guys launch so many policies in favor of buyers, can’t you just do this 1 policy in favor of SELLERS to protect & cover them FROM UN-WANTED LOSSES ?


Yes, I was faced in 3-4 orders


if your not facing this type of issue then don’t comment our problems.And don’t tell any one don’t blame and all that.


Yes i am also facing same problem


The reason is simple on Easyship orders the sellers have access to buyers number hence they can call and find out whether orders are fake or not and sellers did start doing this and found most of the orders were fake

With FBA unless you are on Flex and keep copies of shipping label you can do that hence large number of fake orders

The reason Amazon wants to hide the seller contact details is because there are large number fake orders created by ATS itself to ensure their revenues are at target levels


Strongly agree with you. Its complete fraud


Facing the same problem and have been trying to sort it our with the customer care team for months now. This is so frustrating


Same issue is with us, In Easy ship undeliverable returns are 10-15%, where in the prime the undeliverable return is more than 90% of the returns.


I am a seller on amazon.in , my registered id is {removed by Amazon} i send every day 40 units by easy ship but i every day get returned three to four parcel returned and reason for all are same Undeliverable shipping address, why i pay shipping charge for this returned order from my pocket , why amazon team do not verify with buyer when place order or I THINK THIS ALL ARE FAKE ORDER GENERATED BY AMAZON AND EASY SHIP FOR EARNING MONEY. I AM ALSO A SELLER ON FLIP KART AND EVERYDAY SEND MORE THEN 100 UNITS BUT I NEVER GET RETURN UNIT WITH REASON Undeliverable shipping address , VERY VERY VERY POOR SERVICE FROM AMAZON.


Same Here as well
Dummy Orders being Created


yes, this problem and products are returned undeliverble but show 80% reject to buyer


Is it really updated or it’s just a joke


i too face the same problem


My concern is little bit different. Amazon is also charging me referral fees for Undelivered Orders. I think its not fair. Seller support not providing any satisfactory answer. Is anybody noticed this issue?


The email that has been mentioned jeff@amazon.com … is that genuinely Jeff Bezos email-id … if yes then we can all send mails to jeff bezos and report this issue to him