FBA Refund Reason Undeliverable shipping address


i am also agree with this problem, Amazon must take some strict action towards this, Undeliverable shipping address creates big loss in sale.



The problem looks quite common and frustrating. I have more that 80% returns due to Undeliverable Shipping address in FBA and charged 70+ shipping fee for the same. The only good thing in FBA is we get more orders then in normal course but all gets subdued with the high percentage of returns and the looses we incur due to that.

Moreover, IN FBA : goods returned by the buyer (used and damaged by the buyers) are treated as unfulfilled Inventory… which is sent back to us and when we try to file a safe-t claim for the same our request is rejected. This is bullshit.
Can anyone tell me how to claim for the damaged items returned from FBA by the buyers?


recently in last one or one and a half months, me too having the same problem. its frustrating.


100 % it was fake orders to increase volume and shipping charges and we are suspecting it was done by the shipping companies via fake accounts.


YES, i also facing the deliverable shipment.


Same is my case. I always check the product thoroughly after return is received and 99% return is in damage condition but in case of FBA returns are not checked and shipped to other orders and customers get damaged product, then only it is marked defective after paying shipping two times and we cant claim reimbursement for the damage. I have stopped sellong on FBA now and prefer easy ship plus tieing up with other delivery companies.


You cannot claim.for damage for items returned from fba. I already tried and this month i have made loss of approx. Rs. 20000 de to returns


NO sell increase in FBA west of time


Hello Rahul,

Somehow I do not agree with you. If buyer reject the fake order then reason would be Buyer return. Amazon mention the reason undeliverable shipping address , it means their delivery person couldn’t find the address or address given is not correct. In India we do not have any process of verifying authenticity of address like in USA … This will keep on happening.


I’m 100% with you, or atleast there should be some fraction which should be charge to the customer. Now customers are taking it granted and just ordering and forgetting. There is no option in amazon where amazon gives option to seller for not selling without address confirmation or non-returnable.


In flipkart / ebay if a buyer rejects order then sellers aren’t charged any shipping fee.


Amazon only Focus to deliver the item on time which placed on Cloudtale seller which is Own Amazon. Rest Amazon don’t care about another seller. Amazon is the customer Centric Company Not Seller Centric.


This has happened to us on occasions when its COD and specially when its couriered by Amazon’s Sub-Contractor. i.e. Amazon does not deliver directly but it has been sub-contracted.

In instances like these - it would help if the Merchants were advised to contact the customer directly and advise them about the approximate delivery date and time and the amount to be collected to be kept ready.


i m also face this type off PROBLEM


ATS delivery boys do not work, Why should Amazon bother about non delivery, They are making Huge amounts on undeliverable shipments.
This is absolutely rediculous.


Yes,i too face this Kind of Problems.


Its because of Amazon delivery person not responding properly to the customer .


Hello All,

I have seen so many people posting about this issue, but I am 100% sure nobody has done anything against it, except sending emails to amazon. Either people here are not facing losses in real time or they do not know how to sell online except to list them on amazon.

If your profits are really hampered with this, then stop selling on amazon, get your own website and start selling there. If you really need help in setting up your website we can assist you with that.

Amazon will never bother about their sellers cribling on this issue, until unless they see loosing thousands of sellers because of one issue. Remember one thing, if amazon won’t have sellers selling for them, they will be soon out of their business. Its just that sellers have to make them realise this thing.

But if sellers will be cry on these issues and wont do anything about it, it will give them an impression that sellers need amazon and amazon won’t need sellers as there are tons out there.

Hope that makes sense.


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Yes this would be a great problem these days. Mostly the returns because of UNDELIVERABLE SHIPPING ADDRESS.

i think amazon should verified the customer first, before selling from sellers


we too facing the same problem