FBA Refund Reason Undeliverable shipping address


Same 90% refund order is undeliverable and amazon not give us tracking details also…


even i am facing the same problem its mostly with COD orders i am really getting sick and tired of returns as it is its very low margin in electronics products and on top of that RETURNS due Undeliverable shipping address to just not liking it,i am thinking of closing business with Amazon its no point…
I think the delivery team or vendors are not doing there job properly and amazon also needs do something for this types of customers,its a loss that i am facing with packaging and printing,i believe Amazon needs to do something quickly or else there will be more dissatisfied seller and will have the urge to stop doing business with Amazon


i agree even when we call most of the north east , 90% of calls when dialed has no reply not even “operator message like network busy, out of reach so on.” 99% return of the order stating rejected by buyer or deliverable address. amazon should tie up with india post then defiantly they have to pay indian govt for delivery.


you r right becausee in electronic product not a high margin, it’s low margin


you are correct and pinned the issue at dot.
surely this is Amazon game plan.
They are making every paisa from (Us = we)sellers only
Amazon is not taking and cannot take even a paisa from buyers.
How many fake orders, how many undelivered, how many same item order repeated within 5 to 10 minutes
or every day. how many return how many return parcel damaged and not in resalable condition. Have you notice how amazon ship our FBA products and how amazon return our product in one big transparent poly back without any safe packing for our products.
amazon is using the sellers to amass money and loot sellers.
we sellers are real victims in amazon.
amazon is taking money from our bank account – if you tally your bank account you will know how much money amazon is taking from our account which is nothing to do with what we make in our amazon online shop sales.
I hope sellers are getting the point. amazon is picking our pockets well fine tuned manner.


Why amazon not tinking, Seller is giving them comisson. not buyer.
If no seller then amazon is nothing.

I am also facing so many problem.


yes same problem here.and no reimbursements.


Customer should pay for cancellation charge. Why should seller always pay for undeliverable shipment.


Hello People, I joined just 4 months back and got some interesting stats. All paid orders are not getting rejected but all COD got cancelled thus impacting my overall rank.I think its about perception of COD orders. Can anyone suggest some better ways.


Yes, Same with everyone , one more thing 100% Damage they are processing as a customer return not courier damage so that both side charge will deduct from seller and item will also be damage , its double loss of seller.


yes of course we should go for it


Yes,I also facing this problem


According to amazon new policy if in a order tracking details they mention Undeliverable than they need to reimburse shipping charges to seller so in Easy Ship this rate will reduce automatically but you can understand why this happen.


Amazon knows the address is fake but still generates orders as this increases thier sales figures and makes them look good. Also it keeps ATS running with all the money it makes. If amazon stops charging for all fake orders they will immediately stop fakes and make extra effort in delivery. Since the loss is sellers who cares


Me also facing same issue amazon need to see this on priority.


There is no seller Benifit. Only Amazon is earning money from seller and customer.

Amazon should reduce price from MArketing fee and other variable.

Also,Courier charge of Rs 76 in easy ship is too much.

Amazon,please take action for seller profit.


You are right same problem i am facing


Me to face same problem but am not FBA Subscriber. In My Point of view buyer first charged with courier charge after it give cash back offer when the successful transaction. Otherwise refund the amount only product charge, but not transport Charge then only this type of wrong order not placed…

Please Amazon Team please consider this type of solution.


I am also facing the same problem


Yes I am also facing same problems