Is EAN or UPC mandatory?


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I am a new seller and yet to list my products

I am little confused about this EAN or UPC number…does these things stuff are mandatory and if Yes, How do I get them?




If you do not have the External Product Id and External Product Id type you will have to apply for UPC exemption.

For better assistance, I have explained all the points in brief:

  1. Do I have to fill all the stock details which I have for UPC exemption? or can I upload a few details first to get the UPC exemption?

Initially to get an approval, you can choose to fill details for selected listings. Once the exemption is granted, you can add more products of the same brand.

  1. While I am filling the Flat File, it asks me to enter the UPC and Product code. What do I enter there?

For UPC exemption, kindly leave the external product ID and external product ID type columns blank. Even while uploading products after exemption is granted, leave both the attributes blank. Kindly check the below links:

  1. How much time does it take to get the exemption?

Before raising a UPC exemption request, if information is updated according to the style guide, it takes not more than 7 business days for the category team to approve the request. However, if the information updated is not in accordance with our guidelines, it might cause unnecessary delay. You can find the style guide under Add products via upload tab. Kindly click on Inventory, Add products via upload, Download template, Scroll down to see Style Guide next to Flat File Templates.

If you are the manufacturer/brand owner/sole distributor of the product, you can apply for Amazon Brand Registry. To apply for Brand Registry, click Brand Registry application. For more information on Brand Registry, please refer to the following help page : [Brand Registry|]

For more help, please [Contact Seller Support|].

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