What is Amazon seller flex?



I can’t find in the info about Seller flex. Can anyone please explain me.


Dear Seller, Please provide more details to understand you requirements.


I heard somewhere that amazon recently launched “Seller Flex”. I don’t know anything about Seller flex. I need complete info about Seller flex.


Dear Seller,

‘Seller Flex’ is a program which is intended to share Amazon’s best practises in warehousing, inventory management, and shipping with the sellers. This way, sellers have greater flexibility and growth in their expertise. It is mainly for the sellers who availed FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon, an amazon warehouse) option. This program help sellers to minimize the cost to transporting their goods to Amazon warehouse and taking back non moving products from warehouse. It will also help amazon to get rid of certain tax issues imposing by certain states. However, this program is not yet launched officially and not available to all the sellers and this service is under trail.

FYI. The above information is gathered by this author to help you give an idea about this program and might be incorrect/inappropriate also. And its not Amazons view and amazon is not liable for any incorrect/in-appropriate information given by me. Only myself is liable.


Its not yet launched and in still in pilot mode.


What is the criteria to enroll for seller Flex.


When is sellerflex planned to be going full fledged? we are waiting for this program
I just ready interview of one of your senior persons on IOS right now, wherein it has been mentioned about sellerflex.


Dear Seller,

Objective of the Seller Flex program is to Increase selection on Amazon.in and free up space in our conventional FCs. Amazon will also be leveraging this platform to bring in new categories which need special storage requirements at our FCs.

Seller flex model will help sellers deliver their products PAN India with a fast track promise and great delivery experience. They will be able to increase their selection on Amazon without inventory getting stuck. We are assuming that the low operational cost for the sellers will encourage them to list the products at a reduced rate which will improve their sale. Seller flex will encourage sellers to bring in more selection as the items will always be available at hand. Increase in selection enhances customer experience. Also, sellers will no longer have to incur additional transportation and reverse logistics costs which will help them sell products at a reduced price benefiting customers.

I hope this information was helpful.

If your issue is not resolved, please [Contact Seller Support|https://sellercentral.amazon.in/gp/contact-us/contact-amazon-form.html/ref=ag_contactus_foot_home?ie=UTF8&urlStr=%2Fgp%2Fhomepage.html].

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