Anyone can help me to reinstate Seller Account


I got this email from Amazon Team, Can anyone help me on this


We have reviewed the information you have provided but unfortunately you have not yet sufficiently addressed the root cause of the complaints on your account.

We still need more information about your plan to address “Inauthentic Item” and “Item Brand Not as Advertised in Product Detail Page” complaints.

Please respond with a more detailed plan of action outlining the proactive steps you have taken to resolve these issues. Whilst we do appreciate efforts made to resolve specific issues with orders, all remedies you are proposing should prevent future complaints and be relevant to the issues on an account-level. If your plan of action includes implementing or updating processes, please provide specific details regarding this.

We encourage you to review your buyer-seller communications, feedback, claims and returns to identify any potential root causes for why complaints may be occurring.

Get help creating your plan in Seller Central Help: (

If you would like us to reinstate your account, please reply to this email with an updated plan. If it sufficiently addresses the complaints, we will reinstate your account.

Learn more about our policies in Seller Central Help:
– Prohibited Seller Activities and Actions (
– Product Detail Page Rules (
– Condition Guidelines (

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You can go for Sanctus Innovations. This SPN has done a tremendous job for me since 1 and a half year. You cantact from clicking on the link or on 08130965743/09739942708


does the helped with similar account issue


not even god can help sellers if accounts get suspended.

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