FBA Refund Reason Undeliverable shipping address


Amazon should not charge the seller like us for undeliverable shipping address . rather ask seller to pay the fees or Amazon itself should bear it . The mistake is from seller in booking the product or from Amazon for not verifying the address but the seller is at 0 mistakes and he has to bear it all . why ?


i am facing same problem.
very bad and frustrating.


The best way to overcome this problem is to start self shipping. This is Amazon tactic to earn extra commission from sellers. Even I was facing the same problem in past, then I realized that I should start self ship instead of FBA. Now I have low return rate and also very less undeliverables. Dont fall for huge number of orders that FBA offers. Its a marketing strategy.


This is absolutely unacceptable as the all Loved Amazon Buyers take an undue advatage of Amazon Pro Buyers policies. I would advise to return to Self Ship and That too non COD/Prepaid orders only.


we are also facin the same issue, how it will be resolved


Same problem I am also facin, what is the solution to this problem


I am facing the same issue and since last one month i have been contacting Amazon seller care to provide any solution and against that they have been holding my 50% payment against UNAVAILABLE BALANCE. While on call they assure me they will pay but till date nothing has happened. Really pissed of with their this attitude. I sell then I get my product back unopen and some time damage due to logistics miss handling. Thus I lose sale as well as product and then bit of payment left is not been paid stating that it needs to be hold due to returns and claims… I don’t know what to do now


I am also facing same


Easy Ship ATS pick up staff rude behaviour , Amazon takes no Action
Selling on Amazon India is a nuisance now …

Dear Fellow sellers
we have been reading on this forum about this same issue of the rude behaviour by easy ship ATS pick up staff , by so many sellers , and ignorant Amazon just never gives a damn .

I have made several complaints at seller support , regarding the psychopath rude behaviour of the easy ship ats pick up person named Azhar ,

All Amazon seller support does is , ask seller to fill up the easy ship ATS feedback form and make fake commitment of taking action , but neither the action taken nor the person is ever removed …

My account has been suspended for 2.5 months and I have made several complaints regarding that ATS pick up person Azhar on arguing with me in a tone as if I am working under him as an employee ,

I have filled up the feedback form twice and made complaint over calls , but Amazon never cares to take action on it .

But Amazon sent me a warning mail on the fake complaint of this pick up person Azhar to handover my scheduled order to him on time , and there were no such pending orders to b picked up at al…

I mean …look at that ??! Rather then investigating …and checking my order ids that weather I am getting all my scheduled orders on time or not , Amazon seller performance team send me a warning mail instantly last month z that too during my account suspension , without even investigation ,

But they never take any single action on these rude psychopath ATS staff s behaviour !!

Even today , after the reinstatement of my account after 2.5 months…the same …psycho ATS person Azhar argued with me , that I have 2 orders for pick up today…and it was only one order to b picked up ,

He keeps on arguing for no reason z and he does it intentionally , I have asked him to call and speak to seller support rather arguing with me …

Now look at this psychopath Azhar…
Being the seller, it’s my responsibility and my job , to know how many orders I have , but this psychopath argues as if I am working as an employee for him…isn’t that’s funny and ridiculous ???

And see , Amazon is so much short of the employees that they don t even bother to replace this psycho Azhar nor take any action against him …

But irony , the ATS person files jus one single fake complaint and you recieve a policy warning mail from the seller performance team . !! And you see…how deliberately they charge ₹76 blindly for returns and orders from both side from sellers account as easy ship fees , and still we get to be bullied by these easy ship ATS hooligans ,

Guys …I jus wish …that govt of our country should really do something to kick this cheat Amazon out of our country and bring up a justified bigger e-commerce marketplace which should be at par standard with international Amazon but should be proper visionary make in India marketplace ,keeping in mind both buyers and sellers protection .


yes very right and we think amazon should look into this


Dont by any product undeliverable item today rechech back to seller but delay to refund and lose of faith with the amazon

40859626809540336 this order no undeliverable shipment reached/back to tardeo fulfillment center and seller delay to update to refund provide.As per tracking on hold as per seller requested mention on the blue dart service what a jock and to all of them all customer lose a faith with the amazon which is world wide.
Waiting for some days as per amazon customers care 28.05.18 after that we have action against this shipment.1st of a to z and court for its change.
I open challenge to seller if you have any proof AWY number in your system you can proof or imei no.how many parcell book and dispatch for this order.


Dear fellow sellers after being fed up with ATS for so many returned orders. I finally shifted from Easy ship to Self ship. I have been using bluedart to ship them. Sales are 50 % lower as only prepaid is possible. But profitability is higher as no returns. Also u get to deal with only good customers . As most COD buyers are rude and tend to give harsh reviews.


we know that this is a big problem may be other e-commerce market do this because of competition try to solve this issue use any method

other wise amazon have good sense for his seller

that’s reason amazon change is policy for Undeliverable order may be amazon solve other issue asap

Reimbursement policy for Undelivered shipments

Dear Seller,

We appreciate and thank you for your continued participation on Amazon India Marketplace. Seller trust is of paramount importance to Amazon, and therefore all our actions and decisions are driven by how they impact seller trust. We relentlessly review our policies based on the feedback received from you to ensure that we continue to serve your best interests and help you successfully do business online.

We heard your feedback for our policies governing seller reimbursements and in our continuous endeavor to offer the best selling experience, we are happy to announce the following policy revisions effective May 1, 2018:

  1. Reimbursement policy for Undelivered shipments

Effective May 1, 2018, we will expand the coverage of the Reimbursement policy for Undeliverable shipments and reimburse fulfilment fees for all your Undeliverable FBA and Easy Ship units. Note that this policy is effective for all units returned as Undeliverable on or after May 1, 2018. To view the policy in detail, refer the help page on Reimbursement policy for Undelivered and Customer Rejected shipments.

  1. Reimbursement policy for Customer Rejected shipments

In addition to the above policy changes, we are also introducing the Reimbursement policy for Customer Rejected shipments where, effective May 1, 2018, we will reimburse fulfilment fees for Customer Rejected units in situations where the % of Customer Rejected units is more than 8% of your monthly units shipped in a certain fulfilment channel. This policy will be applicable to both FBA and Easy Ship individually.

This policy is effective for all orders returned as Customer Rejected on or after May 1, 2018.
The 8% threshold will be calculated based on customer rejected units received in the previous month for a certain fulfilment channel i.e. your % FBA Customer Rejects for May 2018 = (Customer Rejected FBA units received in May) / (Units shipped in May in FBA). For example, if you ship 100 units in FBA and 50 units in Easy Ship in the month of May 2018. In the same month (May 2018), you receive 10 units and 7 units as Customer Rejected in FBA and Easy Ship respectively. You will be reimbursed for Customer Rejected units in FBA and Easy Ship above 8% of the monthly shipped units in FBA and Easy Ship. Hence, for the month of May 2018, you will receive fulfilment fee reimbursement for 2 Customer Rejected units of FBA and 3 Customer Rejected units of Easy Ship.
You will receive fee reimbursements for both undeliverable and customer rejected shipments as per the revised policy on or before 15th of the next month. The fee reimbursements for the changed policy will be given for the first time on or before June 15, 2018 for the month of May 2018.
Itemized details for all Undelivered and/or Customer Rejected units that are returned to Amazon fulfilment centers (in case of FBA orders) or you (in case of Easy Ship orders), their reimbursement eligibility and the corresponding reimbursements issued against such orders will be sent to your registered e-mail address (in case of Easy Ship orders) or can be viewed in Undelivered and Rejected Order Reimbursements Reports (in case of FBA orders). To learn more about this report for FBA, refer to this link.

To view the undeliverable and customer rejected policy in detail, refer the help page on Reimbursement policy for Undelivered and Customer Rejected shipments.

  1. FBA Reimbursements for Customer Damaged products

Effective May 1, 2018, you will be automatically reimbursed for all your customer damaged FBA returns across all categories. We have updated FBA Lost and Damaged Inventory Reimbursement Policy to reflect this change in policy. (For more information about this policy, refer this link). Our existing reimbursement policy for FBA Reimbursements for Defective Products and Customer Damaged products will be discontinued effective May 1, 2018. With this change, you no longer need to contact us and raise claims regarding reimbursements for Customer Damaged products.

Following is a summary of the changes made to our policy on FBA Reimbursements for Defective Products and Customer Damaged products:
All FBA orders returned on or after May 1, 2018 as Customer Damaged across all categories will be reimbursed automatically. The reimbursement rates for these products will be in line with our existing rates for FBA Lost and Damaged Inventory Reimbursement Policy. You can view these reimbursements using the Reimbursements report that provides itemised details for reimbursements, including those requested by you and those that are generated automatically. You can access the reimbursements report using this link
All FBA orders returned on or after May 1, 2018 as defective will no longer be eligible for reimbursement.
In view of the above changes, we will be discontinuing the brand-based residual values for mobiles (Link).

To learn more about the changes to the policy and its coverage, refer the help page on FBA Reimbursements for Defective Products and Customer Damaged products

For more information, contact Seller Support using this link.

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hi,there even i face the same issue . i was thinking that this is due to some error in address of buyer. is anyone over there who knows the exact reason for this ???


everyone have same problem in FBA and they charge shipping charges . amazon should not take shipping charges in this case.


Suggesting we all seller need to protest against an amazon by do not Going for FBA , easy ship, no third party help, no promotion etc. for some months at least.

All seller has to sync in price with each other if cloudtail company’s price showing less our price then may possible by referring so many equal or little bit difference price attract the customers and customer will think to buy our product rather then coludtail india( thinking of Cheap product).

We have to do this with patience and peace to overcome from Amazon illusion .


the pin code is ODA (Bihar).

But it will charge little higher amount then normal shipping cost


I am agree with you.
We are doing the same from 2016


Hi Guys,

By default all the RTO returns at Amazon are shown as Undeliverable. Average RTO percentage is 25%-30% taking into consideration FK, SD, SC.

So, if the average is there around, then we all have to live with it i guess!


We have faced the same problem. Amazon should bear the loss.